The story of LE GODT is a story written mostly by User:Lego613master with collaboration by everyone who helped write Ninjago: Season 100 & Ninjago: Season 101, including but not limited to: Lego613master, mariothepurpleninja, AwesomePythor, samed5, skyro25, fastcar700 and bluefire407. The complete story was never posted on the Messageboads, as it was written exclusivly on lego613master's spare time. It is an epic culmination of many backstories of many LEGO themes, plus the stories Ninjago: Season 100, Ninjago: Season 101 and another story written by Lego613master.

Presenting... the story of LE GODT!!!

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The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings

Ninjago: Season 100

Ninjago: Season 101

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Lego City

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Pronunciations of difficult names and terms:

Spinjitzu: spin-jitzzoo

Ninjago: nin-jah-go

Toa: toe-waa

Mata Nui: maa-taa noo-wee

Schatten: ska-‘in

Garmadon: gar-mah-don

Sensei Wu: sen-say-woo

Takanuva: tah-kah-noo-va

Takuta: ta-koo-ta

Takava: ta-kah-va

Teloius: teh-low-i-us





The Story of Le Godt


Long ago, before Time had a name, the Universe existed as Pure Imagination, without shape or form. Imagination was the very essence of all time, relativity, life and creation. Eventually, Imagination formed into bricks. Bricks where rigid clumps of Imagination that could interlock together to form larger objects. The First Brick was known as a Two-by-Four Brick. The First Brick’s origin was different than all other bricks. Normal bricks came into existence from other bricks hitting Imagination. The First Brick was formed by the Creator himself, for it was he who created the Universe, and all Reality, Time, Life and Imagination. The Creator was never created, he had existed forever. None of the sentient beings ever knew about, or conceived anything like, the Creator.

 Several oddly shaped bricks, with “legs”, “hands” and “arms”, came together to form… a Minifigure! This minifigure was not “alive” yet, but as a small bit of Pure Imagination touched it, the First Minifigure suddenly jerked, and with a yell, he became alive! The minifigure, with a shout of “Cyclone of Imagination!” started spinning, faster and faster. And slowly he began to glow with the light of Creation, Time and Relativity, brighter and brighter, and with a Whuuump the bricks came together to create the galaxy! Slowly he stopped glowing and his Spinjitzu (for that is what it is called) also came to a stop.

With a look of happiness in his face, he gave a small bit of his Life Power up to create many more minifigures, two of which where to be his own sons, to populate the new world. This world was known by many names, but to most, Ninjago. It was named thus because much of early society revolved around martial arts. This new planet was exactly half ocean and half land. There was a single landmass, spanning from the north to the south poles. There where also uncountable numbers of tiny islands scattered around in the sea. This early land was divided into six sections, or ‘Metrus’. They where named thus:  Ta-Metru, land of lava and heat where most metal-working took place; Ga-Metru, land of water and the location of most schools, or learning centers; Po-Metru, a rocky, barren land where stone carving was the main industry and the center of the police force; Le-Metru, a lush, jungle land of aerial cities and also the main transportation hub; Onu-Metru, land of underground cities, where most Minifigures worked in the archives, or museums ; and Ko-Metru, land of cold, snow and knowledge. All of these metrus grew their own food. In the center of the six metrus was a coliseum, a culmination of the six elements, creating the perfect environment. Its preliminary name was Av-Metru, for it was something of a metru itself. None lived in this massive building, because it was reserved for only if a great disaster was to hit Ninjago. Av-Metru was forgotten and left in disrepair. It was soon destroyed. However, the Minifigures, with their lust for power, soon mixed the six metrus into a great desert, where there was no resources or food at all. Realizing their mistake, they turned the still living First Spinjitzu Master for help. There were only two options for him: save the people, or save himself. He chose the better good. Sacrificing himself, he gave his life to turn Ninjago back to its former glory. Previously, Garmadon, the eldest son, had accidentally created a monster: the Great Devourer. This happened while he was doing experiments upon the legendary Infinite Tornado of Life, a Spinjitzu move so powerful, nothing could stand before it and not suffer defeat.

This Spinjitzu tampers with Imagination itself, twisting it and bending it to the user’s will. The user of the Tornado of Life controls the life-force of all individuals in its path.

Garmadon, tampering with the life-force of a Le-Metru snake, transformed it into a raging monster. This snake, later to be called the Great Devourer, grew by consuming good in all things. When it was created, it was been a matter of debate to whether the Great Devourer was sentient or not. Since though, the mystery has been cleared up, and the Great Devourer was found out to be so smart, no being other than the First Spinjitzu Master was ever more knowledgeable about the way the universe works. The Great Devourer, however, hadn’t the slightest grasp of true wisdom.

Later Garmadon, after trying to fetch Wu’s lost saber (which he lost during a mock fight with Garmadon), was bitten by the Great Devourer and consumed by evil. He was later to be known as Lord Garmadon, or the Lord of Darkness. After his father died, he gave himself fully to darkness. The great serpent was nearly unstoppable, because only two things could defeat it: the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, or the Tornado of Life itself. Fortunately, Wu was able to banish the Great Devourer to a coma-like state under the City of Oroboris, which he then covered with the sands of the desert. Also as a result of Garmadon’s before-said experiment, the Serpentine, Minifigure-sized intelligent snakes, where unleashed upon Ninjago. These, however, where put in separate “tombs”, along with the then-small Great Devourer. Here they where to stay for many years.

Ninjago would enjoy many years of peace with the help of one of the sons, whose name was Sensei Wu, a Master of Spinjitzu and, in the north, a King, whose wisdom rivaled that of Sensei Wu himself. After the First Spinjitzu Master died, many troubles would arise.

Many, many adventures occurred during this time, so many, in fact, that a chronicle of them would go on nearly indefinitely! But alas, the peace was not to last, for Lord Garmadon amassed an army of skeletons from the Underworld. Along with the Evil Wizard (whose nemesis was the King), he tried to conquer Ninjago and reform it in his own image. He was beaten by four mysterious ninjas who used the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu to stop his evil plan. But still the peace was to be broken, for Lord Garmadon’s son, Lloyd, then unleashed the evil Serpentine. Realizing his mistake, Lloyd turned to Sensei and the ninjas for help. He then learned that he was the legendary Green Ninja, and trained to one day destroy Lord Garmadon.

Meanwhile, the Northern King was having trouble of his own. After defeating the Wizard, many of his soldiers defected, becoming known as Dragon Knights. After many battles and skirmishes, the Dragon Knights (who where being led by the Wizard’s apprentice) where finally beaten back.

During this period of time, a great secret was discovered: the secret of magic. Magic consisted of a lot of complicated tricks, set up by the First Spinjitzu Master himself. He hid the secret in the heart of Av-metru, where it was guarded by the fierce Krayt Dragons. Krayt Dragons where giant, nearly unstoppable reptiles. Many Minifigures, who called themselves wizards, used these powers for either good or evil. Many wizards contained their powers in golden Rings. Once, a great Wizard called Sauron created the One Ring To Rule Them All, the most powerful ring ever. After a Minifigure killed Sauron’s physical body, his spirit was confined to the One Ring. The One Ring was then lost to a creature named Gollum. Gollum used to be a Hobbit Minifigure (a short, tough little race of Minifigures), but by possessing the One Ring, he was turned into a hideous, Ring seeking monster. The Ring was later recovered by a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, who was given an extremely prolonged life. The One Ring was later then passed on his nephew, Frodo Baggins. Frodo then began a danger-ridden journey to Mount Doom, the birthplace and only way to destroy the One Ring. The ring had an inscription on it that would only appear when exposed to fire. The inscription read as follows: One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them; referring to all of the other Rings of Power. The Ring was eventually destroyed by Gollum, who, while holding it, fell into Mount Doom, destroying himself and the One Ring. Later Frodo was to destroy and eliminate all forms of magic. Magic was never rediscovered, and it became obsolete forever.  


Meanwhile, the Serpentine had unleashed the Great Devourer, trying to get revenge on the ones who had imprisoned them. Lord Garmadon, knowing how to defeat the Great Devourer and still continue his evil plan to recreate Ninjago in his own image, asked the Ninja for the Four Weapons. Using them, he destroyed the Great Devourer, after which he ran away with the Weapons still in his possession. He then went to the Fangpires’ old tomb, where all the Serpentine where hiding. He rebuilt the Destiny’s Bounty, an old ship fixed up and used by the ninja, and so most of the Serpentine turned to him as their leader. He then flew in the Black Bounty (the ship’s new name) to the Volcanoes of Nathuz, the birthplace of the Golden Weapons. There he preformed a ritual that formed the Shurikens of Ice, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Sword of Fire, and the Scythe of Quakes into one great weapon: the Staff of Creation. However, this staff had only the power to create, not to destroy. A disappointed Lord Garmadon got around this by creating the dark Ninja, physical copies of Zane, Jay, Kai and Cole (the four mysterious Ninja) but instead of using their power for good, they served Lord Garmadon. First they went to the repair shop where Nya, Kai’s genius sister, had fixed the Ultra Sonic Raider, a large all-terrain vehicle that the Ninja had created, then destroyed, and fixed by Nya, Kai’s sister. They then went to Lloyd’s old school, where he was supposed to get an award for “Changing the Darkley’s School for Bad Boys into a Darkley’s School for Good Boys.” This, however, was a trap. The bad boys in the school had revolted, capturing the teachers and good Ninja and also tempting Lloyd. Lloyd was strong-willed, however, and resisted bravely. He actually convinced the boys to join with him to defeat the Dark Ninja! After the Dark Ninja came, Lloyd and his friends made ninja suits and helped the Ninja defeat the evil apparitions. Then Garmadon unleashed a monster: the feared Grendel. The Grendel was a pre-historic, concrete-smashing, steel ripping monster. Lord Garmadon recreated the monster by using the Staff of Creation to turn back time and reawaken the vicious beast. The Ninja originally foiled his plans by absorbing the power into themselves, turning them into little children again. Lloyd came to the rescue, however, by spraying a potion over them, himself and the Grendel. The potion turned forward time, turning the Grendel to bones, the Ninja to normal age, and Lloyd also to an older age. Lloyd was ready to truly be the Green Ninja!        

One day, Garmadon was in Oroboris City trying to think of a plan to defeat the Ninja, and then the ninja came. A shocked Lord Garmadon saw his son, the Green Ninja, in his adult body. He retreated into a room, where he created a portal to go back in time to make sure that Lloyd never became the Green Ninja. The Ninja followed him. There, they hit a series of calamities resulting from Garmadon’s foolishness. They, however, managed to offset his plans, and they had a small series of  adventures, that ended in the original Golden Weapons’ destroying the Staff of Creation, and the Ninja returning to the future which had not changed, save that the Staff of Creation apparently never existed.       

Later, Garmadon was beaten back, and he teleported himself to the Dark Dimension, where he allegedly was continuing his plans of evil. He was never seen in Ninjago again. The remaining Serpentine later broke open the sixth and final Serpentine tomb, the one containing the feared Snakite tribe. By this time, the Ninja where about 30 years old each, and they had a hard time pushing them back, except for Zane, who, being a Nindroid, didn’t age. So they did something that nobody had ever dreamed of doing: creating the Ninja Order, in which they trained Padawans. Soon, they had dozens of Ninja, and many more being trained. Some of the first to become true Ninja where Takava, Mario and Nexus Stormer. Here are some of their legendary exploits.


Chapter I

The Return of Our Enemies

Lloyd, the Green Ninja of Creation, was training in his new monastery. “Hiyyaaa!”  POW! BAM! “Ha ha, got you!” declared Lloyd, as he grinned at the skeleton dummies now lying on the ground, several missing arms and legs. “Lloyd, where are you?” shouted a voice from somewhere in the monastery. “I'm here!” shouted Lloyd, “What do you want?”

“Come over here! We have an emergency!”

“Coming!” hollered Lloyd, even as he vaulted over the railing of the training course.

“So, what's up Nexus?” said Lloyd, down in Mission Control. “I was training! Don't you remember? I have to train. You know, as in-”  “Yeah, be quiet. It’s a Class 2 emergency!” said Nexus Q. Stormer, Ninja of Air, also the commander-in-chief of the Ninja Army. “Someone spotted Serpentine over by Oroboro City!” “But, I thought we defeated all of them,” Suddenly, a large robot, with an oddly shaped mask, tumbled out of a glowing circle of light that had just appeared.

“What the-” exclaimed Nexus.

“Hello, Minifigures! I am Takanuva, Toa of Light. Who are you?”

“Hey! I’m Lloyd Garmadon,”

“They call me Nexus, if that’s any of your business.” 

“Well hello Lloyd and Nexus! Good to meet you! Do you know where Toas Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, Kopaka and Lewa are?”

“Uh, no?”

“Oh. Most unfortunate. You see, I have been dimension-hopping for a while trying to find them. Sometimes I travel backwards in time. Sometimes forwards. Where is this?”

“Ninjago, duh.”

“Ninjago, Ninjago. Oh, yes. I remember that! Turaga Vakama told me. It was, ‘The earliest civilization of Minifigures in the universe’.

“Excuse me? We’re not early! We’ve been here since… since… since anybody can remember! And nobody can! It’s like the 17th century, Takanuva! Get a hold of yourself! There is no such thing as ‘dimension-hopping’! There is no such thing as Tahu, Gali… uh, um…”

“Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Onua, Kopaka and Lewa.”

“Yeah, those. Whatever. JUST GET OUT OF MY HQ!!!!” yelled Nexus.

“Okay, I’m going, I’m going.” said Takanuva. Pressing a button on a small remote, he re-opened the portal. Waving goodbye, he stepped through it and him and the portal disappeared.

“Okay, that was weird,” remarked Lloyd.

“Very,” replied Nexus.

“So, what where we talking about?”

‘Uh, the Serpentine.”

“Oh, yeah. They’re back? But we defeated them all,”

“Well, I guess we didn't,” Just then Jay, the Ninja of Lightning and Kai, the Ninja of Fire, came into the room. “Whatcha doing?” asked Jay. “I thought you where training, Lloyd.” “I was, until Nexus called me down.”

“OKAY, okay you guys, cut the yammerin’. We have a battle to fight!” yelled Nexus. “This is a Class 2, code Ruby emergency, so Kai and Jay, go get three groups of Ninja, and bring them here for a briefing session.” Then Kai and Jay went and told all of the other Ninja to come with them, that is, except Zane and Takuta and several Padawans, who stayed behind to protect the Monastery. (Takuta stayed because as everyone knows, his Ground Pound and Poison powers are some of the greatest fears of skeletons and snakes alike.)

Later that evening, Nexus and his good pal, Jake Powersword, the last Ninja of Gravity, where looking down at the snake encampments. “Looks kinda snaky down there, if you know what I mean.” said Jake.


“RrrrrrrrrROOWLL!!! What do you MEAN, you failed?” growled Schatten, the shape shifting Drakonite in his snake form. “I command you to ssssneak into the Ninjas’ camp and sssspy on them, and you can't even do that!” “I-I-I’m ss-ss-sssorry, my l-l-lord.” said the Ninja, Takava, in disguise using his powers over light to look like a Snakite soldier. “It w-won’t happen again, m-master.” “Sssssee that you don't, fool.” said Schatten. “It isss important to my planssss. Mwa ha ha ha ha. Mwaa ha ha ha ha haaa. MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!”


Ninja Masters Jay, Kai and Cole looked out over the large group of Padawan Ninja. “They're so... young,” said Kai. “Are you sure that they're ready?” “I'm sure,” said Cole, “Just think of all the training they've been through,” “Masters, Masters!” cried one of only a few female Padawans. She was named Flow, a Ninja of Water.  

“What is it, Flow?” asked Kai.

“Starrocks Alphamind and Slick Lightwave are in trouble! They've been captured by the snakes!” “Oh, no!” cried the Masters together. “We’ve got to help them!” “Not without a plan, brothers.” said Lloyd, coming up to them.

“We can't be hasty about this, Lloyd. Do you have a plan?” asked Cole. “Yes. We should do... nothing.” “What?!” “Yes, it is better if we did not interfere. Starrocks with his mental powers could easily escape. Slick with her invisibility powers is one of the best escapers, even among the masters. Think of this as a little... test for them, to help them on the way to their full potential.” “Truly, brother, you are the wisest of us all” declared Jay. Then the four Ninja -Kai, Cole, Lloyd and Jay- separated and left to complete their tasks.


Ba-BOOM!!! One of Takuta’s famous Ground Pounds rocked the Monastery and the Padawans watching. “See, that's the way to do a Ground Pound,” exclaimed Takuta as he dusted off his hands. “Uh, Master?” said one of the Padawans, Cord, a very promising student from Jamonicai Village, “How do you do that?” “Ho ho, it's very simple” laughed Takuta, “You Spinjitzu, and then use your momentum to slam the ground. Hence, a Ground Pound! But; DO NOT try it. You’ll crush your fingers.”


          Kai walked around the perimeter of the camp, looking for any disturbances. Suddenly he saw a rustle in a clump of bushes, and stopped dead in his tracks. He went into a firing crouch, ready to fire his brand-new Crossbow of Fire, and called out, “Who goes there? Come out, and show yourself!” “Calm down! It’s me!” called a voice from inside the bush, and it seemed strangely familiar to Kai. “Starrocks!” exclaimed Kai. “You're back! What happened to you?” asked Kai, staring at Starrock's disheveled appearance, as he came out. “And where's Slick? Did something happen to her?” “Alas, yes.” smirked Starrocks. “They brought her back to solitary confinement before we, uh, I mean I, could escape.”

“Oh man! She’ll go crazy in there!” All of a sudden, Kai was startled by suppressed giggles by his ear. He turned, but nothing was there! Then, he started to see a faint outline of a person, and suddenly, there was Slick! “Oh, Slick! Where you there the whole time? Ha ha ha! This is a pleasant surprise!” “Yes Master, you should turn up your ears.” said Slick with a serious face.


Later that evening, Jay was listening to his Padawan's report when his comlink went off with a loud “Beeeep”. He stopped his Padawan in mid-sentence to answer it. “Who is it and what is it?” “This is Flow, sir. Master Jay, the snakes have brought reinforcements and they're getting ready to attack!” “Oh, no!” “Master, we ourselves need reinforcements, sir!” “I know, I know, I'll take care of it.” “Flow over and out, sir.”

“Oh, brothers. Well, better tell Takuta.” muttered Jay to himself.

Then he turned to a different frequency. “Fzzztzkkkpbi-ding” “Hello, Zane speaking.” “We need reinforcements, NOW!” “I am sorry, Jay, that is not my duty.”

“Let me talk to Takuta.” “I am sorry, Jay; he is not available right now. Call again later.” “Aaarrrghhhh! Let me talk to him, NOW! We'll be dead later!” “Okay, I will go get him.” “Takuta?” “Speaking.” “I need reinforcements! The snakes are gathering!” “I can spare, hmmm, let me see. Joseph, the X nindroids, Tony, Tashwan, and Jack.” “Good enough. ‘Bye!”


“Soooo, you are my new apprentice.” said Schatten, now in his normal form. “I have needed one since my last one… disappeared. I trust that you are up to the job?” “Yes, I am, Master.” said a hooded face in the corner, known to his counterparts as Drakonus. “Come here.” “Yes, Master?” Schatten then whispered in his ear: “Those fool ninjas will never see us coming, and we need you to stir up their ranks, make them worry. But DO NOT get captured, or I will make you regret the day you where born. This is not to reach any one's ears but your own.” He then left with Drakonus. He didn't know that his ears weren't the only ones listening. Grande had just got out of his darkness cloak, created with his Darkness power.

“Stop, Schatten!” said Kai on Jake Powersword’s machete-turned monster truck.

“What? Oh, it’s you. Hahahahaaa! You, my foolish ninjas, are too late. Pythor will be freed!”

“What? No! The Great Devourer destroyed him years ago!”  

“Oh, no. You’re WRONG! He has been hiding all these years, waiting to be freed. We have found him. And we will FREE HIM!” With that, Schatten raised his mace as in victory, and all of the snakes started chanting, “Schatten. Schatten. SCHATTEN! SCHA-”

“Not so fast, Schatten!” With that, green flames erupted out of the grill of Jake’s truck, torching the camp. Nexus, Takava and Cord jumped out of the monster truck and started doing Spinjitzu, taking out dozens of snakes. Grand came out of the tent and started whacking snakes left and right. Jake, onboard the truck, rammed it into Drakonus, stunning him. Jake then turned the truck back into his huge machete, then he yelled “Stay back, Ninja!” and used his Gravity powers to send Schatten shooting into space.

“Oh no, they captured Takava!” exclaimed Kai. He pointed up to a Rattlecopter in the sky, where they could see Takava. It was hard to miss the Ninja of Light’s glowing. “Oh, no. I wish we had Sensei’s wisdom to guide us…” muttered Nexus.


Later that night, a small explosion was seen in the sky above the Mountains of Matoro, a large mountain range near the snake’s camp. Thinking it was just a meteor, the sentries fell back asleep. That however was no meteor.

In the hills, a ninja fell. Grabbing a tree as he flew by, he swung lightly to the ground. “Must get to the camp,” he muttered, “Gotta warn the others.” With that, he began running in the direction that he thought the Ninjas’ camp to be.


“Unnnnggghhhh.” was all that Nexus could say as he slept. He was camped out several miles away from the others, having taken his crew out scouting. He was dreaming that a rope was tied around his body, and he couldn’t breathe, and Spinjitzu was impossible. He had left his Golden Weapons, the twin handheld Nunchucks of Air back at camp, to keep them safe. In his dream, he struggled and struggled, but he couldn’t move. Suddenly, he woke up, staring into the face of a Snakite snake. “What the-” Then a sweet-smelling cloth was pushed up against his nose, and he once again drifted into the realm of oblivion.


Now in the Forest of Nokama, the ninja, Takava, paused for breath. He looked around, checking to see that no one was there. Seeing nobody, he slumped down, his back against a tree. “Just… a few… winks…” With that, he fell asleep.

When he woke up again, it was nearly dawn. “Oh, stupid stupid stupid! I’ve overslept!” After casting about for some food, and finding none, he groaned and started walking again. In the afternoon, he was almost out of the forest, and he could see the smoke from the Ninjas’ camp over the horizon, in the Plains of Jaller. He was exhausted from running nearly all day. “Only a few… more… miles…” With that, he passed out.


Back in the Ninjas’ camp, the Masters where getting worried. “It’s almost noon, and Nexus hasn’t contacted us since he left to search for Takava yesterday evening. Where is he?” worried Cole.

“I’m sure he’s fine. He’s not a Master for no reason, you know.” Kai reassured him.

“Well, I’m still going to contact him.” said Cole firmly.

“Fine, fine. Whatever. Do what you want.”

“Okay. Flow, you there, yes you, get me my comlink.”

“Yes sir,” After getting it, Flow brought it to Cole. “Here you go, sir.”

“Thank you,”

“You’re welcome, sir.”

“Don’t you have training to do?”

“Yes sir, going sir.”

“Okay now, how do you turn this thing on?” wondered Cole, “Here Jay, get it going.”

“Here you go.”

“Thanks. Okay, Nexus, this is Cole. Come in please. Repeat, this is Master Cole. Come in, Nexus!”


          The Snakites had made camp for the evening, about 10 miles from the snake camp. Nexus was being held in a tent with armed guards surrounding it. Currently, he was being interviewed by Teloius, their leader.

          “Sssso, you sssssay that the Ninja are planning to attack tomorrow morning? At our left flank?” Nexus sat there sullenly, not saying a word. At a nod from Teloius, one of the guards stepped forward and jabbed Nexus with his electro-staff. Nexus yelled out loud, making Teloius jump. “Sssshut up, will you!” Then everyone heard Cole’s voice coming in through Nexus’s comlink, which had been hidden under his green-and-gold suit. “Activate it, quickly!” Teloius hissed. One of the guards rifled through Nexus’ suit, found it, and turned it on. “Tell them… that you’re busy right now,” said Teloius.

“I’m kinda busy right now,” said Nexus.

“Oh, yes! Jay, Nexus is on! Nexus, what’s the problem? We’ve been waiting for hours for you to give a status report! Did you find Takava? Did you get in trouble? What’s going on?”

“Tell them that you’re still looking for Takava,” said Teloius,

“I’m still looking for Takava.” replied Nexus,

“And that you comlink broke,”

“My comlink broke,”  

“And that you’re just fine.”

“I’m not doing fine.”  

“Good, good,” replied Cole, “Wait- you’re not doing okay?”

“Cole, you’ve got to help me! I’m being held by- mmmrrgggfffffzzzzzzzkkbbbpp.” The guards had jumped on Nexus before he could finish. Then they carried him off to his jail cell. He was out cold.


          In the woods, Takava opened his eyes, and struggled to sit up. Still groggy, he crawled to a stream near him, and drank some water. Feeling better, he sat up and saw some berries growing on a bush nearby. He went over to them, and sat there gorging himself. He then began to have a stomach ache, and lay down again. He didn’t wake up until the sun was low in the sky. Waking up again, he noticed the smoke on the horizon was gone. Then he started again to the Ninjas’ camp. An hour later, he was standing on the edge of the camp, bewildered. Everyone was gone! The tents, the Ninja, everything! Not knowing what to do, he sat down. Then he heard voices! He crawled over to them. He saw a great group of tents set up. He climbed a tree next to him, and he swung to the next one. He did so until he was directly over the largest shelter. He heard the voices again, louder. He quietly dropped down from the tree and pressed his ear to the door. This is what he heard.


          “I told you, we ssssshould have brought the ssssstupid Ninja with usssss!” said a high-pitched voice.

“Talabusssssa, Talabusssssa. Who isss in charge here? That’sss right, me.” said a deeper voice. “I sssssaid the Ninja wasssss to die in that cave. Couldn’t you tell that he wasssss never going to tell usssss anything? I had to do it.”

“Yesss sssssir, Teloiusssss.” At that name, Takava jumped. Teloius was the most evil snake in the world. He had been the enemy of the Ninja from the beginning of time. The snakes must have heard him, because they suddenly fell silent. suddenly a large club came out and hit Takava on the head. He was out cold.


Unbeknownst to Takava, the Ninja had been going towards the last signal that had come from Nexus. Unbeknownst to the Ninja, the Snakites had also moved. They had gone to the Ninja’s old camp. And there was where Takava was re-captured.


          At the old Snakite camp, the Ninja where searching for Nexus. Not finding him, they put up camp. The Masters had a meeting.

“So, have we found any trace of Nexus?” Cole asked.

“Our troops have found DNA samples that tell us that Nexus was indeed here, but he has since left.” reported Zane.

“Great. He was here. He left. WHERE IS HE NOW?” yelled Jay.

“Guys, stop!” exclaimed Kai, “We need to concentrate on where he is now. Jay, if you where Nexus, where would you go?”

“To the snack bar?”


“Oh, okay, I don’t know!”

“You aren’t helping!”

“I know, I know.” Suddenly a Padawan, Cord, ran in.

“We’ve found Nexus!”


          At the new Snakite camp, Takava was being held prisoner. Their second-in-command, Talabusa, was interrogating him. He was just about to leave, having got nothing out of Takava. Then a soldier ran in. “Ssssir, your package hasssss been delivered from the Fangpire, ssssir.” At this, Takava’s eyes widened slightly. Noticing this, Talabusa ordered it brought to him. 

“Good, bring it here. Be careful!” After it was brought, Talabusa opened it gingerly. After it was opened, he lifted out a helmet-like device. “You know what thisssss isss, Ninja. A memory erasssser. With thisssss baby, I can erasssse asss much memory asss I want. Hah! I sssssee that you don’t like the sssssound of that! Yesss, that givessss me an idea. Guardssss!”

“Ssssir, yesss ssssir!”

“Ssssseizzzzze him!” The guards ran forward and grabbed Takava roughly. “Bring him here!” After they brought him to Talabusa, he placed the memory eraser on Takava’s head. “How long do you want? 1 month? 1 year? 1… lifetime? Muhahahahahahaaa! Wahahahahahaaaa! One lifetime of memory erasssse, coming right up. Hahahaaa!” Then Talabusa turned the memory eraser up to LIFETIME. Then, quick as a flash, Takava sent a beam of light to the knob, turning it to MONTH. Talabusa didn’t notice as he turned the device on. It started to hum, sending thoughts careening wildly through Takava’s mind. Everything that had happened in the last month… getting found by the Snakites… running, exhausted, through the woods… falling from the Rattlecopter… overhearing the Fangpire talking about the memory eraser in the Rattlecopter… getting captured… the start of the great war… training…Then it started to hum much louder, drowning out any thoughts Takava had been having. Then, after a few seconds, it started to smoke. “What’s happening?” Talabusa asked his guard. The guard shrugged and kept looking at the device. Takava had already passed out by now, rendering him helpless against the machine. Now a cover plate fell off the memory eraser, and Talabusa began edging away. Then he ran out. The guards followed him. Then, with a KA-BOOM the memory eraser blew into a hundred small pieces. After it was over, Talabusa ventured into the wreckage of the tent. “Oh, no! Teloius is gonna kill me! This is what, the fifth time I’ve blown up my tent?” Seeing Takava stretched out on the ground, he ordered him thrown in the bushes. Then he went to report to Teloius.


          “Nexus!” cried Cole, “You found Nexus?”


“Bring us there, now!”

“Follow me, Masters!” The Masters followed Hex to a pile of rocks on the eastern end of the camp.

“Where is he?”

“Under those, Master!”

“What do you mean?”

“There is a large cave behind it, sir. We believe Nexus was in there, and a landslide occurred, trapping him in there without food or water.”  “Let’s get him out! Ninjago!” With that, the four Ninja Masters formed the Tornado of Creation to clear the rocks away. After they had done so, they stopped to see Nexus and his team being helped out of the cave.

“What happened, Nexus?”

“Yeah, what, Nexus?”

“I’ll tell you later. Right now, I need some food and drink.” replied Nexus.


In the bushes near the Snakites’ camp, Takava stirred. “Where am I?” he muttered to himself. Not getting an answer, he sat up. ‘Owwww,” he said. “Migraine.” Then he passed out again, oblivious to the world.   


Later that night, the Serpentine and Skeletons attacked.

“Wwwoooo! Wwwoooo! Wwwoooo!” “Alarm! Serpentine are attacking! Everybody, WAKE UP!” cried the Ninja’s sentry. The ninjas got out of bed and ran sleepily outside. Fumbling for their weapons, they started swinging them like they where asleep. Which some where.

“Everyone! Rally to me!” cried Jake Powersword. “Wake up, Ninja!” Immediately the Ninja came to him, and fought with a new vigor. Jake was using Gravity, sending dozens of Serpentine into the sky, until it looked like it was snowing. 


In the dark, Takava suddenly awoke. The enemy army was gone off fighting the Ninja, although Takava did not know this. He laid there, his hurting eyes and ears taking in everything around him. It was silent. He sat up with a pounding headache. “I wonder where I got this,” he wondered silently, “I don’t remember anything.” He sat up. Then, leaning on a nearby tree for support, he stood up. He instantly collapsed. “Great,” he said into the blackness, “I’ve got a broken leg to boot.” He felt around his leg. “Good, it’s set right.” Fashioning a crude splint from some branches lying around, he fixed it around his leg and crawled to a small shelter of rock nearby, where he curled up and went to sleep.


Bonezai, his apprentice Armageddon and Nuckal where trying to find a way to the Overworld. “This rock hides the entrance, I KNOW it-” Suddenly, the portal was blasted open! The skeletons jumped up and where greeted by Schatten, still in his normal Drakonite form.

“We are both enemies of the Ninja, right? How about we bond together and destroy them once and for all?” The skeletons wanted to rule Ninjago themselves, of course, but there were few mortals (or immortals, for that matter) who wanted to mess with Schatten. Especially if he had his powerful weapon, the Mace of Shadows. “What shall we do for you, our master?” said Bonezai. Schatten smiled.



Flow summoned a great tsunami of water and she didn't even have to touch the evil snakes. “This is too easy!” she laughed, at least until a Serpentine knocked her out with a club. Starrocks erased their memory, proving to be very helpful on the battlefield. Then he grabbed them and put them in a pen so they couldn't get away.

Slick was also doing well, creating great balls of lightning with her silver Axe of Ball lightning and shocking them away. Tashwon had finally discovered his true potential of Air and was blowing them out over the Great Sea of Protodermis.

Jack would sunburn the Serpentine with his Infrared powers, then kindly give then some suntan lotion in the form of a Ninja kick. Joseph created cyclones of air and lifted them up to play tag with Jake's anti-gravity scaredy-snakes. Grande encased his enemies in total darkness and the ones that where scared of the dark, well, lets just say they where a little... sick in the head after that.

Takuta would use his new technique his Poison Pound. He poisoned the ground immediately around him, them he would pound the ground, causing the poisoned earth to fly into the faces of the Serpentine around him.

Tony, with his Animal powers, was transformed into an elephant and doing massive amounts of damage, at least until a mouse came along. Cord with his Magnetism powers and Ignotum Medicus with his Lightning powers, who had just arrived, where working together as a team and fighting about a dozen Serpentine at once. Pretty bad odds... for the Serpentine.


“How are we supposed to defeat these Ninja?” groaned Nuckal.

“It takes a little strategy, bonehead, and a lot of THIS!” exclaimed Schatten. With that, a giant army carrier came down out of the sky, and when it had landed, Rattlecopters, giant robot mechs, Skeleton motorbikes and some Snake Trucks came out. Then suddenly, a huge purple mech stomped out. “Behold, the Pythor Mech! Named after the great Pythor P. Chumsworth himself and ten times as powerful.” In one blow, the mech captured Cord, Slick and Grande. Nexus ran over to help, but Schatten knocked him out with a beam of Shadow. “It looks like the tides have turned!” exclaimed Schatten. The snake and skeleton army cheered.


“Aaarrrghhhh, Schatten is REALLY slow!” hissed Pythor. He had been locked in a cave since the Great Devourer perished, but an avalanche covered the cave entrance. As Pythor slithered through the tunnels fruitlessly looking for an exit, he fell headfirst in to a pool of disgusting yellow slime. “Eeewww, it will take absssssolutely forever to get my ssssscales cleaned!” he looked at himself and to his great surprise, he was growing! “What is that ssssstuff doing to me? I’m like, 20 sssssomething feet tall now!” Then all of a sudden another mutation settled in and he grew wings, sharp teeth and a spiky stub at the end of his now huge tail. “I could usssse thisssss to my advantage!” With a blast of his new laser eye he blasted the cave entrance wide open. Then he could see several large snakes with huge spears coming from the back of the cave. Shooting his new twin Swords of Shadow into the sky, he cried, “Follow me, my minions! Together we shall take over the world! Muhahahahahaha!”    


Jack and Joseph where just entering the woods next to their camp. “Soooo, what's this mission about again?” asked Jack, “Nobody told me.” “Well, they told it to me mighty quick, but it's basically just scouting.” said Joe. “Remember to keep your eyes open for any sign of...Woooaaahh!!!” “Joseph? Joseph?! JOE!!!!! Where did you go?” Joseph had just gotten pulled up into the foliage overhead with a... vine, or something. Jack couldn’t tell. “Oh JOOOE!!! Where ARE you!?” cried Jack, as he walked through the trees. Unbeknownst to Jack, Joe had summoned a small, silent cyclone and he was lifted up on it. The test was to see if Jack was ready to be a Ninja of Heat Light. He was doing well, for the time being. All of a sudden, Jack came upon a Maelstrom Dragon and several Stromlings in the woods. Suddenly he knew what to do! “Leave me ALONE!” Then he rose up, and unleashed a blast of heat light at the Dragon and Stromlings! He fried them, of course, and Joseph came sailing down from the branches and explained everything.

“You see, we needed to test you, to see that you where ready. You did as well as anyone. You passed! Now, let’s go back to camp and tell the Masters, and get you accepted as a true Ninja!”

The Ninja where losing. The Serpentine, even with the addition of another Ninja to their ranks, Trick, where too powerful for them. Jake (the First Command of the Grand Army of Ninjas) ordered them to fall back and regroup. “We must try something that no one has ever done,” stated Jake solemnly. “We must do it. THE SUPER TORNADO OF RELATIVITY.” That sparked oohs and ahhs from the ninjas standing before him. The Super Tornado of Relativity is the third most powerful move in Spinjitzu that exists, so powerful that most fall before it. “We must not fail. When many Ninja use all of their powers at once, it becomes a great tornado. Let’s DO THIS THING!” Then the ninjas gathered together in a large circle and started their Spinjitzu. “Air!” “Poison!” “Gravity!” “Light!”

“Water!” “Psionics!” “Ball Lightning!” “Magnetism!” “Lightning!”

“Blackness!” “Heat Light!” “Sonics!” “Darkness!” “Fire!”

“Chain Lightning!” “NINJAAAGOOOOO!”


After shouting their elemental slogans, the ninjas slowly came together into THE SUPER TORNADO OF RELATIVITY! Then their Super Tornado went to the Serpentine, and most of them ran away. The bravest remained, flailing uselessly at the Tornado. They where soon destroyed, and the Ninja stopped spinning.

“We did it!”

“Woo hoo!”

“That was awesome!”

“Let’s do it again!”


“Stop,” yelled Nexus, “Stop, everyone! We may have won the battle, but the war has barely begun! We by no way have the right to celebrate. Joseph, take your group west, and follow the army. Jay, take yours and go north, make sure there’s none up there. Kai, you go south. All of you look for Cord, Slick, Grande and especially Takava. The rest of you guys come with me back to camp.”

“Sir, yes sir!” they all replied as one.


Chapter II

Quest for the Temple of Gravity

The next day, Sensei was having a private talk with Jake. “How did your quest for the Temple of Gravity go, you know, after the Snakites where released?” asked Sensei.

“Very well. Here, let me give you the story…


“Jake, there is something we need to tell you.” said Lloyd, the Green Ninja, the most powerful Ninja ever. He was the first Ninja who had attained the rank of Grand Master of the Ninja Order.  Six Ninja - Jake, Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay and Lloyd- where gathered in the Monastery. “There is a Temple in Ninjago, a Temple of Gravity. If you want to reach your True Potential, you have to go there… to learn the Secret.”

“The Secret of what, Grand Master Lloyd?”

“The Secret of how to reach your True Potential. Most ninja merely go through the motions. You, however, cannot. Ninja of Gravity have always been special, a rarity. They have always had great destinies. But of all of theirs, yours is the greatest.”

“And what might that be, Gran-“

“Call me Lloyd.”

“Okay, um, Lloyd, what might that destiny be?”

“That is only for you to know. Now, about the Temple, you will journey with Nexus, Hex, Takava, Takuta, Gary and Zane. The rest of us will stay here and guard the Monastery.”

“Yes, Master.”

Suddenly the Monastery wall exploded in a blast of Shadow and rubble! Fast as lightning the Ninja Masters drew their Golden Weapons and ran outside. Jake unsheathed his giant machete and ran after them. Hovering outside was Pythor, hideously mutated into Shadow Dragon form. Flying all around where several huge black snakes with wings, blasting things into rubble. At first glance, Jake could tell that these snakes where very powerful. A couple of Ninja did the Tornado of Creation, but in was useless against the monstrous snakes.

“I hate snakes.” muttered Jake as he ran to join the fight. Then in a swift motion, Pythor blasted both of his Swords of Shadow at the Monastery, blasting it to bricks.   

“Jake, go!” shouted Kai. "You are our only hope! Take Takuta, Gary, Jack, and Zane! Go, Ninja, Go!” “I can't leave you, Master!” “That's an order!” “Y-yes sir!” “GO!” “I'm going, I'm going.” With that, Jake and the chosen ninjas ran from the ruins of the monastery and left to find the Temple of Gravity. As they ran, Jake paused and looked back. He saw the rest of the Monastery being blasted to shreds.


The Ninja where losing, and badly. Lloyd called all of the Ninja to himself. “Ninja, we may lose today. We might all be gone by this time tomorrow. That is why I command you all to leave this place. Go to the other side of Ninjago, where you may all be safe. Flow, you’re in charge of getting everybody out of here. Go, Ninja, go!” Then Flow created several waterslides to get the Ninjas off the mountain.

“Come on, lets move it, let’s move it.” she yelled at everybody.

“Flow, I’m gonna nominate you for a Courage award if we get through this.” Blushing, she shoved the Ninja, Trick, down the slide.


On the opposite end of Ninjago, very far from the monastery, an almost-18-years-old boy awoke. He didn’t know what woke him up, but he knew where he needed to be. Standing up and stretching, he got a drink of water from the stream nearby. Next, he donned his gold-spiraled light blue ninja suit. Then he activated his True Potential. Speeding up the Time around himself, he began streaking towards the Monastery at over the speed of light. In less than a nanosecond, he was there. He slowed his Time to normal speed. Then he yelled to the bewildered Ninja huddled together, “Get out of here! He’s gonna blow!”



“How’s that?”

“By the Stormer name, get out of here!”

“Says who?”

“Nexus X. Stormer!”       


Jake watched the spectacle from where he was standing. Then he saw the rest of the Ninja jumping with their True Potential off the side of the Monastery, and running north.

Then he saw a slight glow begin at the top of the large outcropping of rock that used to house the Monastery.


          Nexus X. started to ascend the mountain. When he was at the top, he saw a girl clad in a suit lying by the edge, unconscious. His heart instantly melted. Then he saw Pythor aiming his swords at her. Running over, he absorbed the blast into himself. He stumbled, and then got up again. He grabbed the Ninja, Flow (she had fainted from so much use of her powers), and quickly ran back down the great peak. Setting her down by his father, Nexus Q., her eyes fluttered open.

“Who-who are you?” she asked.

“Nexus X. Stormer. Wish me luck,” he said. Then he sprang back up the mountain.     


Safe on the ground, Nexus Q. Stormer watched his son, the Ninja of Time, confronting Pythor. “Go get ‘em, son.” he whispered.

“Yeah, go get ‘em.” Flow said.

“He likes you, you know.” Nexus said.

“Wha- he does not!”

“Oh yeah he does!”

“Oh no! How would you know anyways?”

“I’ve lived with him for 20 years, after all.”



          High up on the rock, Nexus X. Stormer seemed to hear his father and Flow. Looking down, he could barely see him. He gave him a nod of reassurance, and floated up to meet Pythor. 


Jake saw a glow begin to rise up towards Pythor hovering in the sky.

“He’s crazy!” said Jack.

“No he’s not! He must be the Ultimate Chosen One!” replied Takuta.

“Who’s the Ultimate Chosen One?”

“There was a prophecy long ago, ‘That one Ninja should rise above all other Ninja, and proclaim himself by defeating the Ninjago’s second greatest enemy’: Pythor P. Chumsworth. Lloyd was just the ‘Chosen One’.” Takuta explained.

“Oh, I see.”

“Shhh!” Jake hissed. “I’m watching!” 


Nexus X. was now at Pythor’s eye level. “Sssso, you think you can defeat me, Nexusssss! Well, think again!” Pythor was screaming now, “Attack!” The minion snakes where now circling around Nexus, and he closed his eyes. Then one of the snakes came in, and jabbed at Nexus with his spear. Opening his eyes, Nexus grabbed the very tip of the spear, and flung the snake with it out over the open ocean. That snake was never seen again. An enraged Pythor ordered the snakes to attack all at once. The snakes circled, faster and faster. Then as one, they hurled themselves at Nexus. Nexus created a super-fast time barrier around him. When the snakes came at him, they aged to dust instantly. Faster than the eye could see, the snakes where dust in the shape of snakes. Then that blew away. Now it was just Pythor and Nexus.

“Always play fair. Then you can rightly say that you won,” Nexus quipped.

“Never play alone, becausssse then you LOSSSSE!” Pythor yelled, launching himself at Nexus. Nexus slowed down Pythor’s timetable so he couldn’t escape, and then he started his Spinjitzu. He spun, faster and faster. Then he sped up his own timetable, and he spun so fast he turned invisible. He spun still faster! And faster, until he became invisible to every form of light. Then, he was spinning so fast that he became pentrenable! Air molecules started flowing through him!  Then he let loose one more spin of Spinjitzu, and he and Pythor was teleported to the Dimension X. Then he blasted Pythor with one mighty kick, destroying Pythor and obliterating Dimension X! He then returned to Ninjago, where a great explosion had just occurred. Looking around him, he saw that Pythor was gone, and the Monastery was completely gone. He saw Jake running towards him. Shaking his head, he streaked to him.          



Jake was watching Nexus, when suddenly the spinning Ninja disappeared. Then he saw a huge explosion on the rock.

“Get down everybody!” Everyone hunkered down. A second later, the blast of air and rubble overcame them and Jake felt himself being tumbled head-over-heels. After it was over, he stood up, found everybody, and started running toward the Monastery. Suddenly a Ninja appeared before him.

“Stop,” he said.

“Says who?”

“Nexus X. Stormer.”

“Hey, who are you?”

“Did you know that Nexus Q. Stormer ever had a son?”

“No, no I didn’t.”

“Now you do. I am the son of Nexus Stormer. Now, continue your quest for the Temple of Gravity.”


Later, as the Ninja where traversing through the woods, there was trouble brewing. “Hey, watch it!” complained Jake to Gary, a Padawan learner. “Why did we bring him along anyways, Zane?” “This will teach him many good lessons.” replied Zane. “He really needs them, right, Gary?” “Right." muttered Gary. The five ninjas resumed walking through the woods. “Look out! Spiderlings and Stromlings at two o' clock!” shouted Takuta. “You want a little party favor?” With that, he produced a Ground Pound that whipped the ninjas off their feet, destroying the Maelstrom in the process.

“Hmmmm, I wonder where the temple is?” asked Jake. “Do you know, Zane?” “It is not in my database.” replied Zane. “Use your human neutrons in your ‘brain’, and you might figure it out through logic.” “Okay, let’s see, all we know that it's called the Temple of Gravity. That's it.” “Where does gravity come from, Ninja of Gravity?” “The center of.... wait a minute, the CENTER of Ninjago! That's where the temple is! So that's why we haven't found it yet! To the center of the earth we go!”


“Man, oh man, what happened to Pythor! That's not fair! How do we transform?” whined Jacen Fortis to the Masters Kai, Jay, Cole, Nexus and Lloyd, after Nexus had defeated Pythor. “Stop whining, young one, or to the time-out corner you will go.” said Jay, "Haha, that voice is fun!” “Be serious, Jay.” said Kai, “We need to build a new Ninja monastery, or the Maelstrom will overrun us, and the Ninja Order will be no more.” “Yes, Kai, I know.” “Well, lets get to work!” “Ninjago!”


The ninjas where riding through the woods on Jake’s big monster truck to Mount Onewa, the only way to the center of the earth. Suddenly Zane, with his super Nindroid hearing, heard a noise coming from under a pair of Midak Skyblasters. “What?” Then he looked under them and didn't see anything. Then he felt with his hand in the space and unexpectedly felt his hand strike something. “Hey, watch it!” cried a voice. “That was my head!” Then Zane saw a human body materialize in the space. The body of... “Slick!” “Yeah, what, hey everyone.” she said, “Nice to see you all again.”

“Hey Slick. How far is it? I gotta go.” whined Gary. “Oh, just a couple more centuries. Who knows?” said Slick sarcastically. “Awww, man!!” “Hey, just kidding.” “Bathroom break! Everyone off!” commanded Jake, spotting a rest stop in the woods. “We're almost there, so its time to empty out. This is your last chance, so make it count.”

Jake and the others had just reached the bottom of Mount Onewa. “So, why exactly are we here?” asked Slick, “You never told me.”  “Well, it turns out that this is the only way to get the Temple of Gravity without getting burned, crushed or dirty. Also, it's cheap. You don't have to buy a complete set of mining equipment. They're expensive." Then suddenly the ninjas heard a rumbling underneath them. Then a huge hand popped out of the ground and grabbed all their weapons, leaving them defenseless, except for Zane, who kept his Ice Shurikens.

"Oh, no! How are we gonna get to the Temple of Gravity now?!" moaned Jake. "Don't you get it?" said Zane, "This is the first of many tests to help you reach your full potential!" "Oh, come on! That's impossible! We can't just fly to the center of the earth like birds!" groaned Jack. "Hmmmm, Jack, you're a genius!" exclaimed Jake. "I am?" "Yes, you are! With my Gravity powers, I can make us so light that we float down!" 


The Ninjas where walking up Mount Onewa and had just reached the top. There was a giant crater with a small, ninja sized hole in the middle of it. Then Zane covered the whole crater in ice, and the ninjas slid down it next to the hole. Then they jumped down it, first Jake, then Slick, then Gary, then Takuta, then Jack, and last of all Zane. After everyone had gone in, Jake decreased their weight so that they lightly floated down, and then landed with a bump on a ledge. "How much further?” asked Jack. “Who knows?” answered Takuta. “It’s kinda dark it here,” “Duh.”

The ninjas resumed gliding down the volcano shaft. “Man, it’s really dark in here!” whined Gary for the millionth time. “I don't like the dark!” “Too bad,” said Slick with a groan. “Grow up, will you?” Suddenly, a very bright light filled the shaft, blinding the ninjas for a minute or so. “What have we here?” said a voice that sounded very much like.......... “Takava!! Where did you come from? You’ve been gone for like EVER!” Takava, the Ninja of Light, hovered in his true potential, filling the shaft with beams of light.

“Where did you come from? I’ve been living in the Plains of Matau for the last couple of weeks. What’s been happening?”

“What’s been happening! Where’ve you been for the last couple weeks? Then Jake filled Takava in about all that had happened.

“Sounds like you need some help, huh?”

“Who, me? Need help? Who are you kidding?” Suddenly, a large chunk of rock fell on Jake, pushing him onto a ledge.

“Jake! Jake! Are you okay?”

“Uurrgh, help?”

“Oh, really. The almighty Jake Powersword needs help. I’m not worthy,” said Takava in a sassy voice.

“Okay, okay. Sorry. Now can you pleeeeeeease help me?”

“Sure, buddy.”   

Later, the Ninja where almost to the bottom of the shaft.

“Hey, Takava!” yelled Jake. “Yes, Jake?” replied Takava. “Thanks a lot for coming to our rescue.” “You're wel... wait! I came to your rescue?” “Yeah, you did. Didn't you hear that duracrete worm when you came down?” “Wha- di...did you say ‘duracrete worm’? Where? Aaaahhh!” “Haahaha! Just kidding! Can you shoot down some light? I want to see how far we have left to go.” "Sure thing.” With that, Takava sent down a beam of light. The bottom was about 100 feet away. Soon, they landed, and Jake increased their gravity to normal. “Ouch, my servos are not used to normal gravity,” said Zane. “I gotta go potty!” whined Gary. “Shut up!” yelled Slick, “You had your chance.” “Be quiet! Everybody! I hear something!” yelled Nexus, “Some kind of... uuurrrkkk!” “Where'd Nexus go? He's gone!” yelled Jake, “He was right there!” After searching fruitlessly for Nexus for several minutes, Zane said,

“We should move on. He is not here, and I have a feeling that we will meet up with him later.”

The ninja where walking along the tunnel when Takuta said, “Stop, everyone. Now!” The ninja stopped. “Look, over there, there's something there.” It was a circular projection sticking out from the stone. He walked over there and bent to take a good look at it. Suddenly, he accidentally triggered something, and poisoned arrows began shooting everywhere. “Run!” yelled Takuta. There was no need for Zane to run, being a Nindroid, regular poison did not affect him. Then one of the shafts struck him under his ‘skin,’ and he stopped moving, saying gibberish and finally shut down completely. “No, no, not ZANE!” cried Jake, “This is all my fault!”

“Calm down, Jake. You’ll see him again.” said Slick.

“You don’t know that!

“I have a feeling.”

After they ran past the arrows, they stopped to rest. “Why, oh why, did you stop me from going to Zane? He's dead now,” said Jake sadly “Robots don't die, silly, they just shut down.” said Takuta. “Oh, I suppose,” said Jake, visibly reassured by this information, “still, I should have, oh, man, I feel really sleepy." With that, he lay down. So did all the other Ninja, except Slick. “Guys, wake up! It's a trap! You must not rest! Can't you see that poison...gas! Oh, I'm getting...really....slee—py, aahhh! Must stay awake. Must wake up ... Jake, I, uh, hehehehee!” “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

“Jake? Jake! Oh, come on. You asked for it! Get ready for the ULTIMATE WAKE-UP CALL!" With that, Slick grabbed her silver, double-sided Axe of Ball Lightning, and created a small, low-voltage ball of lightning. “Zzz-AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Huh. Like waking up that way?” “You-you you little squirt! Why did you do that? Ahrrgghh,” Then the two remaining ninja, Slick and Jake, ran down the tunnel. What they didn't see was that Takuta was transforming into something else.

After Jake and Slick where out of the sleep-mist, they collapsed on the ground. “Whew! Thanks a lot for getting me out of there, Slick” “You're welcome, Jake.” “Yes, yes, you're very welcome, Jake.” said Schatten, coming out of the shadows. “What?! Schatten. I should have known. How did you get here?”

“I was disguised as Takuta. You foolish little Ninja probably can't even figure that out.” Then Schatten fired a bolt of Shadow right at Jake, but Slick jumped in the way. “Nooooooooooooooo! Oh no, oh no, oh no! Not you, Slick! That was meant for me,” Jake exclaimed.  “Ha, ha ha ha ha... now you are mine, Ninja!” said Schatten, coming towards him and charging up his Mace of Shadows. “No, Schatten! Don't! Come on, True Potential, COME! Why won’t it come? ARRGGHHH!” Then Jake used his machete’s power to push Schatten away, grabbed Slick, and ran down the passage. “You can't hide, Jake. I will find you.” muttered Schatten.

Jake was running down the passage with the still breathing, but barely, Slick.  “Put me... down... Jake” whispered Slick in a hoarse voice. “I can't l-leave you, Slick,” “You... have a... destiny to fulfill. This... is mine.” “No, Slick, you can’t. That was my destiny.”

“No, Jake. It was… mine….”

Slick fell unconscious by Jakes feet. Then Jake rested Slick in a crevice in the wall and he knew that it was time to move on. He then ran down the passage until he came to a dead end. He looked to the right. Nothing. He looked to the left. Nothing. “Wait a minute… there’s a hairline crack! There must be a secret compartment!” Then he pulled it open. Jake stared at the compartment, wondering what it was. He saw a piece of paper inside it, and bent to grab it. He pulled it out, and it had one word on it: GRAVITY. "Hmm." he muttered. Then he took away the gravity of the rock ahead of him, and nothing happened. Then he increased the gravity to more than twice the normal weight, and he heard something crack underneath it. It then dropped into a large hole that had just opened up. Beyond it was a large room, in which where several suspended-animation canisters. In the center of the room where three things, one, a short column with writing on the top, two, another column with a cover on top, and three, another column with a floating, glowing ball. "The Center of Gravity!" said Jake in awe to the glowing ball. He went into the dimly-lit room, and made his way over to it and felt himself being pulled towards it, so he moved away. He them went over to the first column, and read the writing on it. It said: “Go over to the second Column, and read the scroll.” He went over, and picked up the scroll, and read it. "Oh, my." he muttered as he saw the writing. “I now know what I have to do to reach my TRUE POTENTIAL!” he exclaimed. 

Jake walked over to the Center of Gravity. He then said, “I know what I must do. And I will do it.” Then he stuck his hands into the ball. They tingled from the pressure. Then he drew the Power of Gravity up to his body, and then he filled himself with the Power of Gravity! The Center of Gravity disappeared, and all Gravity on Ninjago was gone. Then, with his True Potential of the Power of Gravity, he created another Center of Gravity, and Gravity on Ninjago was back. Also, the room’s lights where turned on, revealing… “Hello once again, Jake,” said Schatten, coming into the Temple of Gravity.

“Hello for the last time, Schatten,” After that, Schatten and Jake stood across from each other. “This time you will die, Jake,” With that, Schatten, the Master of Shadow, hurled a bolt of Shadow at Jake. He floated upwards, dodging the shot. Then Jake, the Master of Gravity, increased Schatten's gravity so much, that a black hole appeared in the room. Schatten was pulled through it, and Schatten, the Lord of Shadow, was gone from Ninjago forever. Then the first of the suspended-animation canisters popped open, and Slick, alive and well, came out! Then the second, and the third, and the fourth! All of his friends who had been ‘lost’ came out! Also a shelf folded down from the wall with their weapons. Then, after catching up on what had happened, they all began the journey back to Ninjago together.


“And that's what happened.” finished Jake to Sensei Wu. “Very good story. Very good indeed. By the way, what happened to Takuta?”

“He was discovered at the Ninja camp, safe and sound. Apparently he never knew he was to go with me.”

“Good. Now, I shall go meditate on this, and you will go train. Goodbye, Master Jake.”

“’Bye, Sensei.”


“Hello, my Ninja.” said Sensei Wu, sometime in the next week. “We are going to learn about two very important topics today. One will be about the second most powerful tornado in all of Ninjago. It is the Ultra Tornado of Time.

“The Ultra tornado, just like Spinjitzu, which creates your respective element, the Tornado of Creation, which can create objects, and the Super Tornado of Relativity, which controls Relativity, The Ultra Tornado of Time controls Time. This Tornado is different then the other three. In this, each of your consciousnesses will be merged together in a great super-consciousness, which controls Time itself.

“In the Ultra Tornado, you are not yourselves. You are being controlled by yourself, yes, but also by everybody else in the Tornado. The Ultra Tornado of Time has only been made once, when I and my brother fought. There is only one weakness in The Ultra Tornado of Time. It is if someone ever invents a time-warping machine, and activates it near the Tornado, all is lost.                                                                                                                             “The second topic we are going to talk about is death. Death is, as you know, something that everyone must go through. Death can be overcome by only one thing: THE INFINITE TORNADO OF LIFE. That Tornado is the most powerful possible Spinjitzu move in the entire existing universe.

“Including me. Yes, even I get old. The Infinite Tornado of Life is the only thing that can make me alive again. Make it, and I shall appear in the middle of it, spinning with you, at a young age. Do not worry about me. I will be... back... later..... Goodbye......... my ninjas............. do not……. worry……. about me….”

“No! No, no, come back, Sensei! Did... did I just see what I think I saw?” asked Nexus. “Did Sensei just... die!?” There where no dry eyes in the whole group of Ninjas. “Alert! Alert! Alert! Serpentine sighted near Oroboro City!” a sentry, Flow as a matter of fact, yelled over the intercom. The Ninja then dried up the tears, and got their suits on and left silently. Outside, Jake and Nexus where yelling out orders to the Ninja. “Come on, three regiments come with me on my Airship. Four regiments, go with Jake. The rest of you follow on foot. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Go Ninja go!” With that, the ninja ran, flew or drove to Oroboro City, although several hopped on Jake’s giant monster truck. Lloyd was taking out more Serpentine than everyone combined.

“Without Sensei, what chance do we have?” muttered Jake. Suddenly his eyes lit up in understanding. “The Ultra Tornado of… Ninja! Combine your Spinjitzu!” The Ninja obeyed, forming a gigantic tornado. The huge blast of Time power knocked out many of the snakes, and the Ninja took care of the few remaining.

“Yes! We did it!” exclaimed Cole. The Ninja cheered. Later, they held a funeral for Sensei.

“Goodbye, Sensei. You where the best of them all.” said Kai sadly. Jay and Nya where having the worst 5th anniversary possible. Zane, true to his character did nothing but stand and watch. Cole was sniffling. It was truly a dark day.

          Later that week, Slick was in the woods with several other Padawan Ninja, scouting the perimeter if the Ninja camp. Then several snakes emerged from the trees ahead of her. The leader, a snake named Acidius, said: “Hello, Slick.”

“How do you know my name, snake?” asked Slick.

“Oh, we have connections. Many, many connections. Muahaha! Behold! The Venomari snake tribe!” Then the entire tribe of Venomari snakes came out of the woods. They where closing in. Nobody knew what to do! Suddenly Slick stepped forward.

“Slick! Are you crazy? They’ll mow you down like a blade of grass!”

“No. They won’t.” With that, Slick started glowing in her True Potential with the Power of Ball Lightning and created a giant ball of lightning, and released it upon the snakes.



“Please please please stooooop! Oh heeheeheehee!” After the lightning was gone, the snakes left in a big hurry.

“Shall we pursue them, Master Slick?” asked one of the Padawans.

“Master?” I’m a Master? Oh yeah, the true potential thing. “Oh, right. No. Don’t chase them. Everyone, return to camp with me.” 

Later that evening, Starrocks was meditating when Cole burst in. “Starrocks? Starrocks!”

“What do you want? I’m busy!”

“It’s about Sensei Wu! Remember when he told us about the Infinite Tornado of Life? He said that if it where performed, he would appear, alive, inside it! Starrocks, go get the other Ninja! Tell them the meet in the center of camp!”

A short time later Starrocks had told the Ninja about his plan, and gathered them together in the square, as Cole instructed him. Then, each of the Ninja started doing Spinjitzu. Them gradually they came together into an increasingly larger Tornado, until they had formed the Infinite Tornado of Life! In front of them, a tiny stud-baby appeared before them.

“Sensei? Hey, everyone! Ultra Tornado of Time!” Jake yelled. Forming and using it, they fast-forwarded Sensei’s life about 20 years.

“Sensei!” everyone yelled at once. 

“Ninja!” yelled Sensei Wu.



Chapter III

The Destruction of Ninjago


Over the years, Lloyd learned most of the Great and Noble Spinjitzu Elements. He did not tap into the Legendary powers, Time, Relativity or Life, knowing that if he did that he, too, would give in to evil. His Spinjitzu would later become one of Creation, a very powerful Spinjitzu indeed. After that, Lloyd worked hard to make sure that Spinjitzu was never taught to any student. He knew that if it was passed down, the world would turn into a great war. He thought that this noble act was to be his destiny. That, however, was only the beginning. Eventually, only Lloyd, Nexus X and Q, Flow, Jake, Slick, and Kai knew the secret. All the other Ninja died for one reason or another. Takava was killed by Shadow beams from Krayt Dragons, Sensei Wu from absorbing Armageddon’s, Nuckal’s and Bonezai’s death force, Takuta from his Golden Weapon gaining a self-consciousness and destroying him, and a huge number of the Padawans where killed from destroying the rest of the Snakite snake clan. The few remaining Ninja, with help from Nexus’s power of Air, discovered a beautiful little tropical island in the Sea of Protodermis. They soon created a large protected base there. Little did they know that this was no ordinary island. There, Nexus X would discover a secret that would end in the destruction of Ninjago.


“Ahhhh, this is the life,” Nexus Q said as he relaxed on the deck soaking in the sun. “Where’s my son, Flow?”

“I don’t know. He’s been gone for awhile,” Flow replied.

“I’d be inclined to think you’d know where your husband is 24-7,” Nexus said.

“Oh, fathers-in-law!” Flow said, gently slapping him on the belly. “You’re putting on some weight there, Nexus. Better go find your son, and lose it.”

“Oh, whatever. I’ll be back by suppertime.” Nexus heaved himself off the chair, and jumped off the side of the balcony using his Nunchucks of Air to float him down gently to the ground.


          Nexus walked down the path, calling for his son. Then he saw footprints leading off the trail, and several broken branches. Stepping over to it, he saw that slightly in the trees, there was the sigh of a scuffle: broken branches, ground up earth, and he also saw Nexus X’s Golden Weapon: the Dagger of Time, glowing off in the bushes.

He picked it up and put it into his pocket. There was also an obsidian sword next to it. On it where some very strange-looking symbols, but he found he could understand them! He read them aloud: “The Makuta planned yesterday, will fight today and will triumph tomorrow!” Suddenly a blue glowing portal appeared in front of him. “Takanuva?” he asked. No answer came. Then the portal disappeared, and an opening appeared in the trees beyond, which led to a trapdoor in the ground. He peered down it, seeing nothing but black. He then decided to investigate, climbing down the ladder built into the side of the hole.  


          “Unnnnggghhhh.” was all that Nexus Q could say as he awoke lying down in pitch darkness. “Why do I have such a tendency for getting hurt?” He stood up, and banged his head on the ceiling. He stretched out his arms, and felt the walls. Then he remembered.

He had suddenly reached the end of the ladder, and fallen down into blackness. He had used his Air power to float down more slowly. He then landed on the bottom. Then bright lights suddenly turned on. Four cloaked figures appeared, and hit him hard on the head.

That was all he remembered. As he recalled these things in his cell, the lights suddenly shone on. Blinking furiously, Nexus’s eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness. He could now see that he stood in a rectangular cell, and there was no obvious door.

Suddenly, some fine cracks appeared in one wall, and a door opened outward and up. Another cloaked figure entered, bearing a plate of fine food. Nexus, being half starved, dug in with a ferocity that would stun even Takuta, the biggest eater ever to bear the title of Ninja. After he was done, the figure grabbed the dishes, and left without a sound.

The door resealed itself. The lights remained on. He lay down again on the bed, and he felt his and his son’s Golden Weapons in his Ninja hood. “The idiots. They let me keep the Weapons. Oh well, all the better for me.”  He pulled out Nexus X’s weapon, thought better of it and put it back. He grabbed his own, and whipped it around to activate it.

The first thing he tried was simple: he increased the pressure of the air in the room to several hundred times of what it was originally. He heard the air leaking out of several holes, and stopped them up. However, nothing else happened. Then Nexus created a vacuum in the room, with the same results. He knew his Weapon vehicle, a small air-speeder, wouldn’t do much other than leave a dent. He couldn’t get enough momentum to any real damage.

Next, he tried to create a small, super-fast moving horizontal tornado. That ended rather disastrously. Then, he remembered a trick that his father, Nexus C. Stormer, a Ninja of Sound, taught him. He first created an air-vacuum shield around his ears. Then, he made every single molecule of air in the room clash together simultaneously, creating as huge blast of lightning and thunder that blew the cell door way out into a hallway.

After he opened his eyes, he saw the door gone. Quietly, he sneaked out of the cell. He walked down the hall, noticing a keypad on the wall every ten feet or so. Next to them were a small screen, saying who was in the cell. The first ten or so where empty. The next one had some type: Gronkler Rexium. “Gronkler Rexium? What’s that?” He continued down the hall. Seven cell later, this one a name: Nexus X. Stormer. “Nexus!” he exclaimed.

He hurriedly punched in some numbers. The door opened! He hurried inside. It was empty! Then he heard footsteps coming down the hall. He leaped out and concealed himself behind a column. A few moments later, they receded. He came out and went back into Nexus X’s cell. There he was, lying on the floor! He tried to wake him up, with no response. With a grunt, he hefted him onto his shoulders. He hurriedly made his way down the hall. He made a left, then a right, another left, and he stopped to regain his breath. Starting again, he went a short ways further, and came to his original entry point.

He floated up with Nexus X. still on his shoulders. Popping out of the ground, he heard Nexus waking up. He set him down with his back to a tree. Nexus X woke up fully then. “Wha- what’s- what’s going on?”

“I’ll explain later. Now, let’s get back to the base and freshen you up.” replied Nexus Q.


“Okay, let’s get go- what?”

“No. I am not going. I’m staying here.”

“Nexus, you’re delusional! Let’s go!” Nexus lifted his weapon out of the back of his hood. It was shining golden in the fading light.

He grabbed his son’s weapon. It was silver and rapidly turning darker. Soon, it would be black as the midnight sky. He looked up at Nexus X. He could see his hands clenching and unclenching. His eyes where also fading red. Then he noticed the Dagger of Time was now nearly black. “Nexus! Don’t do this! You’re turning into one of the Maelstrom! Your place is with us! We are your family!” He noticed that the Dagger stopped turning black. Then it speeded up again. Suddenly, it shone dark purple. Nexus X leaped at his father, snatching his weapon. He froze the Time around Nexus Q. Then he bounded away.


At the base, Flow and Slick where warming up some food. “I hope Jake finds Nexus soon. He’s been gone for hours!” sighed Flow.

“Which one?” quipped Slick.        

“Huh? Oh, both, of course.” Just then, Nexus X crashed through the wall.

“Nexus! You’re back!” they both yelled together. “Where’s your father?” asked Slick.

“He’s not here right now,” said Nexus in a deep, dark voice. “And you probably won’t be seeing him anytime soon.”

“Nex- Nexus, what’s going on?” Flow implored, “You’re- you’re not yourself! Snap out of it!”

“This I cannot snap out of. I have chosen my path. It is one of darkness, of knowledge, of true power. It is my destiny! Flow, we have been tricked all these years! Sensei never loved us, never cared for us, never gave us the full truth. This, let this be my destiny. Our destiny!”

“Nexus, I-I don’t know you anymore! You have given your self over to evil!”

“Very well then.” he growled, “Meet your destiny.”


          Jake Powersword hurtled through the woods back to the base, his Gravity propelling him. He had just found Nexus Q Stormer trapped inside a field of Time, slowing his body processes to nearly nonexistent. Thinking fast, he had lightened Nexus’s Gravity so much, he popped out of the field like a cork. After Nexus explained to him what was going on, he rushed back to the base as fast as he could go.


          Nexus X Stormer was slowly but surely sapping the life out of his former wife, Flow Riverwater. Then Lloyd Garmadon, the Green Ninja, burst in. “Put her down, now.” he spat out from between gritted teeth.

“Very well.” Nexus replied, dropping her out over the balcony.

“Flow! No!” Lloyd cried. Rushing toward the edge, he was glad to see that Jake had returned and was carrying her on his shoulder. Turning back to Nexus, he saw him flipping around his Dagger of Time to charge it up. He pulled out his own weapon, the Super Bolt of Creation, and began swinging it. Then Jake floated up to the balcony, set Flow down, and pulled out his Machete of Gravity.

          Nexus X started advancing toward Lloyd and Jake. Just then, Nexus Q zipped out of the sky to join them. “How did you get here so fast?” asked Jake.

“I control the air, Jake. How can I not get here quickly?”

“Good point.” replied Jake. Then, all three Masters of Spinjitzu faced one Master of the Maelstrom.

“I’m finding I don’t like the odds.” remarked Nexus Q. The three Ninja, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with each other and their Golden Weapons up, began advancing toward Nexus X. Then, all at once, the two factions leapt at each other. When the points of the four Weapons touched, there came a brilliant light. They where all instantly teleported to Ninjago, in the center of the Coliseum. There, weapons flashed and small bursts of Time, Creation, Air and Gravity collided in the space. Lloyd, Jake and Nexus Q started their Spinjitzu, and formed the Ultra Tornado of Creation! Then Nexus X powered up, and formed the Ultra Tornado of Time. It was now Creation versus Time! They strained against each other, neither gaining an advantage. Then Nexus X’s Tornado began being fueled by pure Maelstrom. Now Nexus X was winning! Then the Tornado of Creation was fueled by Pure Imagination. It was now far more than a petty dispute between Minifigures. It was a battle between the two most powerful entities in the universe, Imagination and the Maelstrom. Then suddenly, the two Tornadoes of Power merged to form the Cyclone of Life! This had no resemblance to the Infinite Tornado of Life, however. This Cyclone instantly swept the life-force out of Nexus X, Messenger of the Maelstrom and Lloyd Garmadon, the Green Ninja.

The mega-explosion caused by this blew the landmass of Ninjago off the planet. The resulting super-tsunami flashed around the world in an instant. Then it all diverged at the island where the Ninja’s base was. Flow, fortunately, was able to create a huge shell of water around their base to protect it. Jake and Nexus Q flew to the base and picked up Flow and Slick. Then they used their escape pod to fly to a newly discovered planet named Lego City. The Ninja had previously evacuated all of Ninjago’s residents there several months before, as there was a prophecy that Ninjago would be destroyed soon. There, they enjoyed peace and happiness for many generations to come.




“And that’s the story of how your grandfather met your grandmother. And in the long run, why we came here, to this paradise, Lego City.” Great-Grandpa Stormer said.

“Wow! That’s awesome!” exclaimed his great-grandson, Nexus M. Stormer, while sitting on him knee. “Soooo, is that why I’m named Nexus?”

“Yep, the first boy born in every family has always been named Nexus, ever since anybody can remember. You’re Nexus M, your dad is Nexus W. Your Grandpa was Nexus X. He was the greatest Minifigure since the First Spinjitzu Master. He-“

“Gramps, we agreed not to tell him about my father until he’s older,” Nexus W. gently reminded Nexus Q.

“Oh, yes, sorry. Well, I’m Nexus Q Stormer. And so on, and so on.”

“Guys, wash up, it’s time to eat!” called Grandmother from the kitchen.

“Coming, Flow,” Nexus Q. said. “Help me up, kids.” Once they where all at the table, Nexus M. asked,

“Mommy, why are there three extra places at the table?”

“That’s for great-auntie Slick, great-uncle Jake and their son, Slate. They’re coming for dessert, later.”

“Oh, goodie! I like them. Are they really my great-aunt and uncle?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, Jake and I where long-lost brother and sister!”


Somewhere in the Dark Dimension, Schatten rose from the ground, from where he had just been teleported, and also traveled forward in time, from Jake Powersword’s black hole long ago in Ninjago. “Muhahahahahaha! I'm alive!”

Then a four-armed figure appeared in front of him.

“Schatten, Schatten? Is that you, my former apprentice?” said the figure, the banished Lord Garmadon.

“It is, my former master. Or do you prefer to be called Garmadon?”

“Auggghhh, I never wish to hear that name again, learner!”

“Well, now the learner… has become the master. Prepare to die, scum!” Then he and Schatten locked together in a fierce battle.

First Schatten, the Garmadon, seemed to be gaining the advantage. Then Garmadon, being an old man by now, began to get weary. Schatten used this to his advantage. He whipped out his Mace of Shadows, and fired it at Garmadon. He avoided it, but barely. Schatten then swung the mace directly at Garmadon’s head. He heard a loud crack when it connected. He shuddered, but seemed unharmed.

“What? That’s impossible! How-how- not possible!”

“Impossible! You certainly have a lot to learn, young one. I am invincible. I am eternal. I have learned many things in my exile from Ninjago.” Then Garmadon advanced towards Schatten. Schatten impulsively lifted his weapon. Then a series of words appeared in the handle. He read them silently, and then he shouted them aloud.

“By the power vested in this weapon that I hold now, I command it to do its last deed. I command the it and the powers contained within it to RISE!” Then the Mace of Shadows started to glow… or rather, un-glow. It seemed to grow darker and darker, sucking the light around it into its pit of shadow. Then, it turned into a mini black hole! Lord Garmadon was sucked into it, never to be seen again. Then it disappeared with a snap. Schatten couldn’t believe his eyes. “Is that it? Is Garmadon… dead?” Then he realized it. “Woo hoo! I defeated Garmadon, I defeated Garmadon! Yes!”           

Suddenly, he heard a clanking noise behind him. “Who’s there?” said Schatten confidently. Then a large figure materialized out of the gloom. “Who are you?” yelled Schatten louder. Then a dark, deep, evil voice presented itself.

“I am known by many names. Great Serpent, the Scourge of Light, the Great Devourer…” At that name, Schatten started quaking in his boots. “But now, I have made a new name for myself.” The figure grabbed Schatten around the throat. “The last words you will ever hear…” He started squeezing, “Beware the wrath of…” Schatten was close to death, “Makuta Teridax.” And that was the end of the one of the greatest evils in Ninjago, Schatten Drakonite.
















The Ninja and all of the Minifigures where forced to abandon Ninjago for a newly discovered planet that they simply named Lego City. The great city-covered planet enjoyed serenity for years and years, broken only by petty matters, such as space crooks, robbers and hideous monsters. Lego City also had the most efficient police force in all time, stretching their boundaries easily to the farthest reaches of the planet.

Meanwhile, a few minifigures had escaped when the Great Devourer awoke, to another galaxy altogether and created the Republic, a government policed by the valiant Jedi Knights. The Jedi and Sith, the Jedi’s arch-enemies, both used a power that they called The Force. What they didn’t know was that they where using the True Essence of Imagination.

The Sith plotted to take over the Republic, and over thousands of years, all but one failed. The instigator, Darth Sidious, took over the Republic for a short while. But his apprentice, Darth Vader, killed him, ending his reign of terror. This civilization was later to become obsolete from many civil wars and a corrupt government. In its time, this galaxy, nicknamed the Star Wars, was heralded as the most advanced civilization in history.


Several grand adventures occurred during this time, including one with Rock Monsters, where the monsters caused devastating earthquakes in Lego City. A crew, named the Powerminers, was sent to investigate. The Powerminers had giant drilling rigs and machines, such as the great Thunder Driller, Crystal Sweeper and the Claw Catcher, to help them in the quest for whatever caused the earthquakes.

Soon enough, they found the cause: primitive, Minifigure-sized Rock Monsters where consuming certain crystals that contained massive amounts of kinetic energy and when they ate them, they shook with raw power, causing quakes. The mission was apparent: Find the crystals, take them away from the Rock Monsters, and mission complete. That, however, proved to be easier said than done, as the simi-intelligent Rock Monsters would not give their crystals up so easily. Later, the Rock Monsters gained new allies, Geolix and Tremorox, giant monsters that could even overturn the Thunder Driller. Soon after, the Power Miners also gained new equipment, such as the Rock Wrecker, Titanium Command Rig and their new Underground Base.

But, still, the struggle was not over; unfortunately, the Power Miners unleashed the ultimate menace: The Crystal King. Crystal King was the King of all the Rock Monsters, and by far the most powerful. His might was so huge, in fact, that he could possibly turn the mighty Thunder Driller into dust.  He tried to do this, but the Power Miners where too smart for him, and an epic battle ensued.  Crystal King tried to overturn the Titanium Command Rig, but it transformed to drilling mode, throwing him off-balance and throwing him to the ground with a mighty “BOOOM-cccrraaAACCKK!” That opened a huge hole in the cave floor, and King and Command Rig fell down to another, deeper, unexplored cavern mostly filled with magma. Down there, Crystal King himself ran away in fear and the Powerminers soon found the cause of his distress: Out of the magma came a new kind of monster. These “Lava Monsters”, as they where called, where physically weaker, but much smarter and faster than Rock Monsters. Soon, the Powerminers developed a new brand of machinery and armor to defeat the Lava Monsters. These monsters where seeming to be easier to catch and douse with water (to turn them into the now friendly Rock Monsters again), at least until Eruptorr came into the scene. Eruptorr was a bigger Lava monster than the others, about the size of Geolix but much smarter and faster. He was about the equivalent of Crystal King, but being a Lava Monster, he was extremely smart and very fast. There was a big tussle, but they used a small bulldozer to push him into the holding cage on Lavatraz (the Powerminers’ lava base). After that, all they had to do was collect all of the energy crystals and then they where done!     

Later, after years of monotony and doing nothing but their daily work, city residents started to get restless and tired of their boring life. City elders, otherwise known as the Great Beings, feared that riots would break out, and so presented them with a project: build a giant robot, named Mata Nui, which was 27,000,000 feet high. It would travel to other planets in search of knowledge, and bring it back in exactly fifty thousand years, to be presented to the people of Lego City at the time. The residents liked this plan, so work was started immediately on the robot. Soon, with every resident helping, from the smallest child to the strongest man to the oldest lady doing a job, it was finished! However, because of the instability of the power source of the great robot, there was a malfunction. After a little while, he malfunctioned and exploded all over the planet, and the project was cancelled for many years. Then, using the knowledge the Great Beings had gained from the experience, they started to build a newer, bigger and better robot, this time 40,000,000 feet high. This robot was humanoid in form, with four appendages, a main body, and a head, upon which laid a replica of the Mask of Life. This robot would also have a ‘jetpack’, nicknamed the Red Star. For defense, the robot had several camouflage systems. Also, the robot had gravity powers in its hands, for aid in researching items. His “brain” was modeled after the early Ninjago, with six Metrus and a Coliseum in the center. Inside, the huge robot had many large domes. These domes, or islands, where made so that the Matoran, Minifigure-sized, biomechanical beings could inhabit Mata Nui, keeping him running smoothly. These Matoran had a very sophisticated society, with Turaga as their ‘chiefs’, and the legendary Toa heroes acting as their warriors. Often, the Matoran would get together and play with discs, shooting them from launchers, trying to get them in a hoop or basket. These discs where just simple, curved wafers, about the size of one’s head. Other discs, however, had special powers and abilities. These where determined by the number code engraved on a disc. For example, a disc code 437, in which the number 4 meant that it had a freezing power, the number 3 meant that it was manufactured in Ko-Metru and the number 7 meant that is was power level 7 out of 9. Only Great Discs, with power levels of 9, discs with power level 8 or the Disc of Time (power level 10) where more powerful. Another, very important part of the Matorans’ life where Kanohi. These mask-like objects held a Matoran’s life-force. These where very important to Toa also, holding their Elemental Powers inside them. If a Matoran’s Kanohi was removed, he would suffer extreme weakness, and eventually death. If a Toa’s was removed, his elemental powers would be halved, and he also would suffer extreme weakness. If a Turaga’s was removed, his elemental powers would be halved. Mata Nui also had a giant replica of the Legendary Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life, although it was not usable. This was lost after many adventures away from Lego City. The great “city” of Metru Nui was the single biggest area for Matoran in Mata Nui, located in his ‘head’. It was modeled closely to the design of the early Ninjago, with six metrus of Fire, Ice, Air, Water, Stone and Earth.  After the Codrex, the heart of Mata Nui, was completed, Mata Nui was ready. With the press of a button, Mata Nui was launched into the air, and thus started the legendary exploits of the Bionicle.

 If all had gone as planned, Mata Nui would have come back in fifty thousand years, but unfortunately, Teridax had infiltrated Mata Nui while he was being built, eventually resulting in Teridax taking over Mata Nui’s body and causing Mata Nui, now trapped in a small, usable Mask Of Life, to be ejected from his body towards Lego City (renamed by the Great Being into Spherus Magna). However, due to a very powerful and unstable substance known as Energized Protodermis, Spherus Magna was blown apart into three smaller planets; Bota Magna, Aqua Magna and Bara Magna. Bota Magna was a jungle planet, having received most of Spherus Magna’s jungle area. Aqua Magna was a planet completely covered in water, having received most of Spherus Magna’s oceans. And Bara Magna, the largest chunk that the two others orbited around, was a desert planet, inhabited by Agori, similar to Matoran and their Glatorian protectors, similar to Toa. Also on this desolate planet where the Skrall and Vorox, both of which where nomadic, primitive and unfriendly tribes. This planet, Bara Magna, was the one that Mata Nui, in the Mask of Life, fell to. There Mata Nui created himself a body, and went to work repairing the old robot that had blown apart all those years ago. Soon after he was finished, Makuta in his new, huge body came to Bara Magna. Mata Nui saw the great robot bearing down at him over the wasteland desert, and switched to fighting mode. An epic and legendary battle ensued, with the help of Toa Tahu, an extremely powerful Toa. Tahu, with the legendary Golden Armor, defeated Makuta’s minions, the Rahkshi. Then, Mata Nui, after a long and tiring battle, defeated Makuta by knocking him into the path of Aqua Magna, which was returning to Bara Magna, thanks to Makuta’s blast of Gravity powers. The evil Makuta Teridax, after all those millennia, was dead! Mata Nui then proceeded to rebuild Lego City back to its former splendour.

          After that, Mata Nui released the Matoran into Lego City. He then renamed Lego City into Makuhero City, and then turned himself off and withdrew his consciousness into the Mask of Life, which was then put on display in a museum. His great body was then used for spare parts in Makuhero City.  

Mr. Makuro (one of the Matoran) then proceeded to help set up Makuhero City and many other small colonies throughout the general area. He set up Makuhero City’s main needs, such as plumbing, trash disposal and basic necessities. He then started the Hero Factory, a great organization of robotical Heroes, which kept the peace throughout their galaxy.

In this time Mr. Makuro had found a DNA sample of a Minifigure, and cloned it, and a new race of minifigures began. These ingenuitive Minifigures then started to build small robots to help them, but these robots gained self-awareness and turned against their masters. The Minifigures, with Sensei Kieken, the great-great-great-great-great grandson of the legendary Sensei Wu as their master, they then built giant war suits (exo-suits) to help re-control the robots. Unfortunately the robots also developed the technology to do the same! The leader of these rebellious robots was a golden robot known as Meca One. The adventures of these Minifigures and their robots became known as the Exo-Force. However, Kieken and his ninja team eventually overcame the robots, and once again there was peace in the land.

          During this time the Maelstrom, the offspring of the evil Baron Typhonus, where creating turmoil throughout the universe. Baron Typhonus was widely recognized as the most evil being ever. These inhuman zombie-like beings, the Maelstrom, where the exact opposite of Imagination and all it created and influenced. Four valiant Minifigures, Dr. Albert Overbuild, Vanda Darkflame, Duke Exeter and Hael Storm, consequently created the Nexus Force, a community of Minifigures to fight and vanquish the evil Maelstrom. After many great battles, the Maelstrom was finally defeated and Baron Typhonus was gone forever, although rumor states that he is still alive, of a sort, living in true harmony with Imagination. Hero Factory, after becoming the most technologically advanced civilization ever, even more than “Star Wars”, used its great power to keep peace throughout the universe.