The hades Chronicles has 10 editions. This is about the first half

The Hades Chronicles 1-5 is how the ninja group formed, and would save ninjago from Megaking and the Doors of Doom. The main character is Burn Nrub, a boy from Earth, who got taken in the Ninjago Monastery. He also loves humor and adventure.


the hades chronicles 1: Ninjago's Next GenerationEdit

originally called the ninjago next generation, it is about how Burn and Zap, Freeze, Rock, Lloyd, Hector, Bobby, and Shang all came together as ninja, and defeat Baron, and save ninjago for the first time.

the hades chronicles 2: the new weaponsEdit

When Hades, lord of the dead, Harold, his adopted son, and Loki, trickster god, take Nya away from the ninja, it's a limited time before something bad happens to the entire world, and many catastrophies happen.

 the hades chronicles 3: the world spinjitzu championshipsEdit

The ninja join the World Spinjitzu Championships, and Loki and Hades try to take vengance on them. However, Harold was betrayed, and joins the good guys, so now the ninja have a chance.

the hades chronicles 4: revenge of the anacondraiEdit

With Loki and Hades imprisoned in tombs, their right wing, Megaking, then finds that the Anacondrai tribe are actually alive, invisible, waiting for someone to help them take vengance on Pythor, who joined the ninja. So now, the ninja must stop the anacondrai-and Megaking!

the hades chronicles 5: doors of doomEdit

The Anacondrai were betrayed, and Megaking is mad, so now he wishes to destroy the world on the brink of insanity. He tries to open the Doors of Doom, to cause true apocalypse. Will Burn find his ultra potential, and stop him once and for all?