The Ninja play Baseball -a comedy is a story by Caballek. In It, the "Dojo Ninjas" play a game of Baseball against the "Oraboras Snakes". It is uncompleted, but Caballek will finish it soon.



  • The story currently has 3 pages and 10 Chapters
  • Caballek announced twice that he may continue it, but he never did.
  • Caballek also writes two other stories: "Legend of Tarren"; and "Bounty Hunter: Racknar" In the Star Wars Forum

The Story:Edit

Chapter one: Arrival
The Ninjas came to the Ninjago City Baseball Stadium. "I can't wait to see us crush those snakes!", Kai said as they lined up. After 1 and a half hours of waiting they finally reached the entrance. "5 adults and one Kid please. Also one senior adult. Oh, and maybe reduced prices for the adults cause four of them are playing and one is cheerleading.", Sensei Wu said. "That would make 100 $.", said the cashier. Sensei Wu pulled 100$ out of thin air and payed the cashier. Then they all went into the stadium.
Nearby, the whole snake army was waiting to get in. When Pythor came to the entry, he said: "one snake army please!" "That would make 10 million$, but because of group prices it's only 9 Million.", said the cashier. Pythor made himself invisible and crept into the Box in which the cashier was standing. The cashier screamed and fell over. Then Pythor turned visible again and said: "Free entry for the snake army!"

Chapter 2: Before the Game
The 4 Ninja came out of the locker rooms in ninja suits. Nya came out of the room opposite. But she didn't look like Nya: she was wearing a purple ninja suit and was repeating cheerleader chants to herself over and over again. "Hi Nya. Hello? Hellllooooo!", Jay said. Nya was apruptly ripped out of her "Cheerleader-chants-to-herself-repeat-over-and-ove r-again " trance and said:" Oh, ehm, hello Jay" Then she went onto the field. The others followed.
Up on the stands Sensei Wu was singing:"For it's rude, rude, rude for the Ninnnnn-jaaaas, If they don't win it's a shaaaaame, After one, two, three wrong done spi-ins you've looooost thaaaaa Gaaaaame!" "Stop singing like That!", Lloyd said holding his ears. "This is Boring! I wanna do something fun!" "Singing is fun!", Sensei Wu said and started to sing "Take me out to the Spinjitsu-arena" again.