By: EddieLea

Chapter 0.1Edit

The thump of fist against metal, and then the crash of boy against floor, resounded from the next room of the Bounty M2, for what must have been the hundredth time.

"Is the little pipsqueak ever going to get it right?" Kai complained.

"Yes! I completed the game!" Jay exclaimed. He was, as usual, playing video games.

"Haha! Four aces, I win!" Zane taunted Cole, who frequently beat Cole at cards, an experience new to him.

"Alright, new hand!" Cole replied.

Suddenly, Nya's voice boomed out of the speakers, positioned in the corner of the room: "Guys, Sensei wants you up here now!".

The four ninja hurried up to the bridge where Sensei was waiting. Lloyd trailed behind, anxious.

"What's up, Sensei?" Jay enquired.

"You may have defeated the Great Devourer with the help of my brother, but you are far from the end of your quest yet! There are still many more challenges to come, and you will need aid."

"You mean we're going to get someone to help us?" Cole questioned.

"Yes, four someones actually, and we will find them by the means of four legendary amulets, one of ice, one of lightning, one of earth, and one of fire. They will show us the way," Sensei explained.

"But where are they?" Kai asked, still puzzled.

"That is what we must find out."