Richard Nrub is a character made by Mariothepurpleninja in the hades chronicles saga. He is the golden ninja of light.

The Hades Chronicles 1-5Edit

He was from the normal world, but his ancestors were blessed so their great great grandson Richard would be able to defeat evil once and for all by the first master of spinjitzu. Sensei Wu picked him at the age of 15 to help out in defeating the Darkitect once and for all. He eventually became the light ninja, and unlocked his full potential, meeting many friends along the way. After beating Baron, he had to defeat Loki, god of tricksters, and lies, and Hades. He met hades's adoptive son Harold along the way. He eventually defeated all three, and entered the world spinjtizu championships. Harold joined the group, being betrayed by Hades. The group won the tornament, and met the Anacondrai Tribe. Baron's assistant, and leader of Loki and Hades's group Megaking, and unleashed the survivors of the anacondrai tribe, after tricking Pythor into thinking he ate everyone. The ninja eventually defeated the tribe, and destroyed the doors of doom, along with megaking's group. Megaking went through a portal to the future.

NRG Burn (below) [1]

Hades Chronicles Second Generation One: Sheer LuckEdit

in the future, he didnt appear as much, as he did in the first 5, but he did have his son Ash defeat Megaking from the future. Megakid then joined the group, to destroy his father.

The Hades Chronicles 6-10Edit

All that is known is that Burn, Lloyd, and Harold team up to defeat Darth Vader, after being saved by the serpentine.