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Ninjago Stories Wiki have now merged with LEGO Universe Stories Wiki and are now operating from as LEGO Stories Wiki. We hope to see you there! All stories in the category 'Stories' have been imported. If your story, you find, has not been imported, please tell me on the wiki. I am still called SirComputer there. All Ninjago stories will be prefixed with Ninjago: so also please tell me if it isn't. LU Stories will be prefixed with LEGO Universe:.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, I hope you join us at the next destination. LEGO Stories Wiki.

-SirComputer, Co-Owner of the LEGO Stories Wiki

Welcome to the Ninjago Stories Wiki!

This is a wiki created to serve as an archive of all LEGO Ninjago fan-fiction stories! Before you start, it is recommended that you read our policy. If you are the author of a story, please feel free to create a page for your story if it doesn't already exist (to find how to do this, visit our Community Portal); if the page exists already, please update it as you update your story(s). If you aren't an author, you can import stories anyway! (We need you!) If you have any questions, one of our administrators would be glad to help! Remember, imagination is vital to creating a story, so let it run free! If you're not much good at grammar, no worries; don't let it hinder you from writing your own story! One of our admins will come along and fix it up. If you do choose to write one, please come back and update it as frequently as possible. We recommend that you sign up for a free account so we can get to know you better here at the Ninjago Stories Wiki! Use the menu bars parallel to the logo to navigate. Thanks for visiting, and take your time exploring. Have fun!

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Monthly News, February/March 2013

Very Important Announcement An early L&G has been released to do with some plans that might go ahead to moving the wiki to Brickimedia. I believe this is one big step for the wiki, and I hope you will too. This will include a lot of changes, including a merge. Look for a new forum called MAJOR WIKI ANNOUNCEMENTS I will be creating. This will include what you need. In this move, the NSW will merge with our partner wiki, the LEGO Universe Stories Wiki to create one big wiki, which may house the fanfic for Brickimedia. That is all for now. Look for the forum. Look for the forum post.

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  • SirComputer

    The title says it all. There is one thing wrong about this wiki. That is: at the moment, there are no users! Now, I'm going to do some... requests. No, not at all advertising. So let's get this wiki back to its former state! Before any other duplicate wiki can come and steal our glory! I mean, look at this place! The CSS by ShermanTheMythran, rethemed for us (ULTIMATE THANK YOU) and made for his wiki, the LEGO Universe Stories Wiki (a partner of ours, go check them out) must be the uniquest themes on Wikia!

    So, let us use this wiki to our advantage, and get posting!

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