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  • Fastcar, It's me, lego613master! Want proof? 1. You are known as Takava the Ninja of Light please reply 

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  • Hi Toa,

    Please use the Info template at the top of every story page. Putting 1 as the Status will class it as incomplete, and therefore will show it needs doing with a box underneath the template automatically. Any abandoned stories should be classed 4. 3 is Pending, and is for stories that are planned to be released, or have not yet been imported to the wiki. Meaning 2 is for Complete. That is self-expanatory. :P Please read the Template:Info page for details :P

    SirComputer - Ninjago Stories Wiki Creator
    18:29, November 17, 2012 (UTC)
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  • Welcome to the AVRU, aka the Ninjago Stories Anti Vandalism Rollback Unit (A part of the moderation team)! I must give you this welcome template. :P

    AVRU badge Welcome to the AVRU!
    First off, we stand for "Anti-Vandalism Rollback Unit". You need to learn the policy, the chat policy, how to use the rollback tool, how to kick and ban users in chat, and how to use all seven of the warning templates.

    For the rollback tool, this is to be used when the most recent edit(s) to a page is vandalism. What distinguishes rollback from undoing is that rollback does it in one click (no edit screen or anything), rollback undoes ALL of the edits done by the last contributor on that page, and rollback does not show the undone edits on the page's history. You can access the rollback tool from the History page, which you get to from the dropdown menu on each page by the "Edit" button.

    Second, the warning templates are VERY important. Found at Category:AVRU, each one does a different job. Warn1 is for minor problems, most commonly found from misunderstanding or neglect of the policy. This will usually come from new editors, and the template has a relatively friendly tone. Warn2 is for more severe cases, yet not bad enough to receive more than a 24-hour block for. This usually is used for mild cursing, or inappropriate (for little kids) content in a story. Warn3 is severe. This is for completely disregarding the policy, or posting something completely inappropriate on the wiki. Be sure to distribute a 3-month block to any user who gets a Warn3 template on their page. Warn4 is the worst and most severe penalty: ultimately banning the user. It is to be used in the case of multiple extreme offenses. You will probably never have to use this one, but it should be there just in case. When you distribute any warning templates on a user's message wall, and be sure to set the topic title to "Notice of Misconduct". If the bad edit was made on one specific page, please specify this with a pipe character "|", like this: {{Warn1|A Hero Rising}}. The extra sentence will not appear in the template if the page you provided does not exist. Here are the guidelines for which templates to use:

    • {{Warn1}}: Minor errors or offenses, which can be easily remedied. Just a friendly reminder.
    • {{Warn2}}: Mild errors or offenses, including blatantly disregarding the policy. Comes with a 24-hour block (please contact an administrator such as myself to administer block).
    • {{Warn3}}: Major errors or offenses, including directly insulting other users. Comes with a 3-month block (please contact an administrator such as myself to administer block).
    • {{Warn4}}: Severe errors or offenses, including mass page vandalism with inappropriate content. Comes with a infinite ban (please contact an administrator such as myself to administer ban).

    As for the chatmod half of the AVRU Membership package, you will also need to learn how to use the chat warning templates. Like the edit warning templates, these are extremely important. Details on how they should be administered are to be found on the chat rules page, which you should have already read. The templates are {{ChatWarn1}}, {{ChatWarn2}}, and {{ChatWarn3}}. Also like the edit warnings, these are to be left on the offender's message wall with a topic title of "Notice of Misconduct". Unlike the edit warnings, chat warnings do not require any extra strings, they are completely unconditional. ChatWarn1 merits a 24-hour block, ChatWarn2 a 3-month block, and ChatWarn3 an infinite block. Again, if you're not sure which one to use, check the chat rules page; if you're still not sure, ask another AVRU member or an administrator.

    This is a responsibility, please be serious about it. If you are careless, your membership in the AVRU will be removed. Be fair, but reasonable, and if you're not sure about anything, talk to another AVRU member or an administrator about it. Good luck!

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  • You've been here a while, but from your recent edits, I think you could do a bit more page editing and making. I'll recruit you to the AVRU.

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  • Hi, welcome to Ninjago Stories Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Ninjago Story University page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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