Mariothepurpleninja is an author in the Ninjago Subforum, Chima forum, the Lord of the Rings forum and the Hero Factory forum.

Mariothepurpleninja has made stories primarily in the Ninjago Stories Subforum, but also goes to other forums. His stories have very little readers. But hes pretty much okay with it.


  • The hades chronicles 1-5 (ninjago stories)
  • Lloyd falls in love (ninjago stories)
  • Story of the Yellow Ninja (ninjago stories)
  • the hades chronicles 6-10 (ninjago stories
  • the hades chronicles next generations 1-3 (ninjago stories)
  • sketch, the doodling ninja 1-3 (ninjago stories)
  • megaking and the war of the future 1-3 (ninjago stories)
  • the good brain (hero factory)
  • sequel to the premire (chima)
  • Buddy McGollum (LoTR)


  • Mariothepurpleninja is brothers with Wizardman2011
  • He also has a very big ego
  • he did an april fools joke that his villain of the hades Chronicles took over his account.