Class: Story
Status: Incomplete
Author: mooshu123
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Chapter 1Edit

Lloyd was on Destiny's Bounty fighting his own Father, who's body had been taken over by the Overlord. When he suddenly saw Garmadon fall back into his normal self and somehow a Stone Warrior got on the Ship and hit Lloyd.
"Ahhh!" Lloyd yelled hurt. He knew he couldn't defeat the Stone Warrior (now controlled by the Overlord) unless..Lloyd knew he had to do it. He pulled all his powers together and shot them in an explosion. Lloyd felt himself in the air falling.Falling..Falling..BOOM.

200 years laterEdit

Lloyd woke. "I am alive!" yelled Lloyd "But, wjere am I?". Well Lloyd didn't know at the time but, he was still in NINJAGO..."How did I live?" Another question that I can answer. Lloyd used all his powers but, he didn't know that they had more uses. He didn't know that he had the power of Healing. He had had used it on himself without knowing and, now he might think he was just "lucky" but, later he'll find out he had landed in an that was ready to explode..