Class: Story
Status: Pending
Author: bridgey27
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Chapter 1 - Loose ToothEdit

Lloyd is cleaning his room. ( Sensei Wu told him to.) "Hey, my tooth feels weird." Said Lloyd. And wiggles it with his finger. "Oh no my tooth is gonna fall out!" yelled Lloyd, and he runs out to tell the ninjas. "GUYS MY TOOTH IS GOING TO FALL OUT! HELP!!!!" yelled Lloyd. " Whoa settle down Lloyd." said Kai. Lloyd shows the ninjas his lose tooth. " It's just loose, all kids lose their baby teeth." said Jay. " Baby teeth?" asked Lloyd as he imagined teeth with with baby bonnets. " That would be funny!" said Lloyd.

Chapter 2 - Tooth FairyEdit

"And the tooth fairy will come, and leave something." said Cole. " Like candy?" asked Lloyd. "I think so, but robots don't lose teeth" said Zane. "COOL!" yelled Lloyd. " Cool that robots don't lose teeth? Or the candy part? asked Zane. "Candy!! I got to tell uncle!!" yelled Lloyd, as he ran off. " Is this good or bad?" asked Kai shaking his head and smiling
"I can't tell." said Jay. "We will find out." said Cole. as Zane nods. Lloyd comes running back. "When will it fall out? I should tell uncle that too." said Lloyd. " We shall wait and see." said Zane.

Chapter 3 - The DentistEdit

"OK Zane." Said Lloyd, And he runs off. " Wait till he hears that he has to go to the dentist, with all that candy he eats, I am not surprised." Said Jay, laughing. Kai and Cole start laughing too. " Guys! Uncle says i have to go to the dentist! What will the dentist do?" Asked Lloyd. " Well, I heard the dentist pulls lose teeth out with big yankers." Said Jay, laughing. Lloyd's eyes grew bigger with every word. " Jay! Your going to scare him!" Said Kai, Laughing. " What was that about yankers?" Asked Nya has she comes in. " Yankers!?! Will they hurt?" Asked Lloyd. "I don't know." Said Jay, still laughing. " Oh Jay!" Said Nya, bursting out in laughter. " I got to tell Uncle that I don't need to go to the dentist!' Yelled Lloyd, as he runs off. " He really belives that? Wow." Said Cole, laughing. " How is Sensei Wu ever going to get to go to the dentist now?" Said Nya laughing.