Awesome story 2 is an upcoming sequel to Awesome story , by Awesome Pythor. It is most likely going to come in July or August 2012. It will take place 30 years after Awesome story.

What we know Edit

Like the original, Awesome story 2 will be a story where some people can create a story and he/she will be in this story. It will have a whole new set of characters and the ones from the origonal will be adults. Schatten will play a major roll and a new main villain will appear. Also, plans for a third Awesome story may be possible. The name will be called Awesome story 2: Rise of the demons. The final battle will be even more epic and long than the origonal.

What might happen Edit

Awesome Pythor says that he name for the main villain might be Vulkin. Also, Schatten may become a hero and reach his true potential.​ The Jade Phoenix might also have some new upgrades, but none of this is certain.