Wow. I don't know what to say. This is an astounding opportunity. While Wikia is a good place to have a wiki, it certainly isn't the best. What am I talking about? The opportunity of moving this wiki to Brickimedia. LU Stories Wiki's other partner, the LEGO Message Boards Wiki has been offered the deal first, and ShermanTheMythran and I have grown on it, and, with this, we could be taking the hobbits to Isengard. (Taking the stories to Brickimedia.) At the moment, Brickimedia's site is totally in-development site. But they have Brickipedia in their hands, and that publicity could give us the boost we need to become a successful wiki, while helping others along the way, users with one great source and wikis with everyone's traffic helping each other. In fact, without LUSW and Brickimedia/Brickipedia (of course), this may never of happened.

The wiki would include addons like SocialProfile, PostRatings, new badge systems and so on, and not having to limit our code to what Wikia wants. The only reason Wikia had to do all this was because it was a wiki farm, but still... The ads and limits can be a bit annoying, nevermind the ads being off topic. The wiki would only need one ad, and that would do it all. It would go to costs of hosting everything, and no one profits. The spare goes to Brickimedian contests. When we leave, the wiki would be left to die, and soon closed. Our new wiki would be safer, too. Being a smaller project than Wikia, not as much try to hack it down. The ads would be more appropriate too, since the Brickimedia Association have full control over which ones go on.

This all, however, comes with a very good compromise that isn't a compromise. Merging with our partner, the LEGO Universe Stories Wiki, then slowly expanding onto other LEGO themes, such as LEGO Star Wars and Chima. We would make which would be quite an achievement. We will import our existing stories, and Sherman, I believe, will co-operate with Brickimedia to do some fancy SCSS (pronounced sass) to use variables to control which story belongs to each theme by using different stylesheets. So Ninjago would be a bit like this, LU being blue and white etc.

This could be our golden opportunity. Agree or object below. Chat will stay, along with as much as we can, including forums.

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